Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 318

DBTN 318 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 318, released November 28, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during November 2020.

Stories in DBTN 318

  • Dr. Fettfinger’s Salve • Dad overhears the guys in the mailroom talk about the hot new kid working at Crusty’s Pizza. However, the only new kid working at Crusty’s is his son, Jon. So why does Dad’s dick get so plump when he hears guys talking about how hot his son is?
  • Is This Too Strenuous, Dr.? • Grant wants to know what exercises are too strenuous for his son, Gethin to do. His son has just has surgery. Are the things boys do in their bedroom too strenuous?
  • Charlie Explores • Charlie feels confident. After all, his boss has taught him how to open his mouth wide and swallow a thick slab of meat. But Charlie is ready for more. He has another hole he wants stretched wide open.
  • We’ve Got Secrets Too • Brandon is relieved when Grandpa Howard offers to help him raise his new son, Cody. With Grandpa Howard’s help, Brandon can finish high school. But even with his grandfather’s help, raising a kid on his own is stressful. Thankfully, Grandpa Howard knows how to relieve his grandson’s stress.
  • Some Boys Need a Teacher • In high school, all Iwan and Russell ever did was flirt with each other. That and drool over Coach Morehand. But in the age before the internet, how could they ever figure out what it is that two boys in love actually did? Coach Morehand didn’t show them what to do. However, a chance meeting decades later, gives Coach Morehand the opportunity to teach Iwan and Russell what two men in love can do.

Art in DBTN 318

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 318 is by Shigeru, Narov and Master Bates.

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Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 317

Review pages for DBTN 317

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 317, released November 21, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during November 2020.

Stories in DBTN 317

  • Is Someone in the Cabin? • Dad wonders how his son, Birch, is going to handle having someone staying in the cabin. The cabin is Birch’s go to place when he needs time alone to take care of his teen cock. But when Birch sees who the guest is, his eyes light up. Dad can’t believe his eyes when he sees who well his son is getting along with the guest.
  • Charlie Experiments • Once his boss showed Charlie all the things he can do with his mouth, Charlie is keen on experimenting. Since his roommate looks promising. Can Charlie stuff his roommate’s meat into his mouth?
  • He’s a Big Boy • Randall is surprised to learn that Boyd, the star quarterback he photographed, is his old pal, Steven’s son. Randall wants to interview the outstanding quarterback. But will Steven let him? Steven warns Randall. “He’s more a doer than a talker.”
  • Motivation • Jackson doesn’t care for his receptionist job at the gym. The guys don’t pay any attention to him. But when he gets on the evening shift, it’s a different crowd who workout. They’re older, considerate guys. They smile and say, “Good job, son.” And they know how to motivate the young man.
  • DILF • Matty knows his husband, Mike, won’t like it when he tells him that they have help move Dad. He sold his house and needs to move into the new condo. But Mike does think that Matty’s Dad is a DILF. Maybe spending time with his Dad will lift Mike’s spirits. Who knows what they’ll find in Dad’s basement.

Art in DBTN 317

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 317 is by Uncle Allen, Narov and Master Bates.

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Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 316

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 316 review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 316, released November 14, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during November 2020.

Stories in DBTN 316

  • We Do Our Research • Alfie feels out of place wearing a suit and visiting the corporate headquarters of Nuvizys. He’s very nervous walking into Mr. Geder’s office for an interview. Little does he know that Mr. Geder knows a lot more about him than he can imagine.
  • Did You Get It? • Bruce is thrilled when he hears Alfie say, “Yup, I got the job!” Bruce has fond memories of when Alfie first showed up for rowing practice. He was an eager rower who couldn’t get his dick under control when he was alone with Bruce, his rowing coach.
  • The Most Qualified of the Bunch • Mr. Geder tells the other executives at Nuvizys that he hired Alfie because he was the most qualified of the bunch. But there is another explanation. While investigating the candidate, Mr. Geder discovered that Alfie had a special bond with his son, Bruce, whom he hasn’t seen in years. Can Mr. Geder bond with his son again? Read Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 316 to find out.
  • Can You See Me Now? • Weston can barely stay awake during his shift as a security guard monitoring the cameras. Nothing ever happens in the alley behind the company. Until he mentions to a hot kid he meets at a party where he works and what he does all night long.
  • Mentoring Charlie • The new assistant, Charlie, is a shy, timid guy. He can’t bring himself to ask a girl out for a date. His boss notices his shyness and decides to mentor Charlie. “Lock the door, Charlie. Let’s have a man to man talk, okay?” They do a lot more than just talk.

Art in DBTN 316

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 316 is by Michael Mitchell, Narov and Shigeru.

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Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 315

DBTN 315 Review Pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 315, released November 7, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during November 2020.

Stores in DBTN 315

  • Keeping My 30% Rule • For years Mark has kept to his fast rule of never spending more than 30% of his salary on housing. But rent keeps rising faster than his salary. And he keeps finding smaller and cheaper places to live. When he gets notice that the rent on his cracker box size apartment is going up, what can he do?
  • The Apprentice • Kevin never set out to become an apprentice to a cobler. Repairing shoes and boots was not his dream. But he finds working for Mr. Dodder comforting. The smell of leather, the odd, tantalizing aroma of worn, men’s shoes. He can’t explain it. But just before closing, when he is manning the shop alone, a customer steps in wanting to pick up his boots. And he insists on trying the on first. And he expects Kevin to put them on for him.
  • Holiday Wet Dreams by Madakou • The saga of Todd and his son, Tony, lives on. Once Todd discovered what his son and his neighbor were doing, Todd and Tony can’t keep their hands off each other. So when Todd takes Tony to visit his good friend David in Europe, will they be able to keep themselves under control?
  • Explaining Things More Thoroughly(continued from “Explaining Things” in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 312) Uncle Allen tries to keep his horny nephew, Watende, in check. But Watende keeps asking about Allen’s fuck-buddy, Damon. “So when are we going to play with Damon?” Watende wants to know.
  • Makeup Sex • Steve wants to know if his son’s old friend, Charlie, still does electrical work on the side. Chad thinks so and contacts Charlie to see. Yeah, he still does, so Charlie goes over to Steve’s place on a Saturday afternoon to add some outlets. It’s while he is on his way over to check on his dad and see Charlie for the first time in years, that Chad remembers that Charlie had the hots for his dad. Maybe contacting Charlie was the wrong thing to do.

Art in DBTN 315

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 315 is by Madakou, Narov and Shigeru.

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