Fair Warning, Son

Fair Warning, Son arrives December 4, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 371.

Dad pulls Brent aside to warn him. “So when everyone comes for the funeral, Uncle Joe will be staying with you in your bedroom,” Dad says. “And fair warning, son, Uncle Joe is kinda,” Dad says, and he holds out his hand flat and jiggles it.

Brent mimicks Dad and says, “What does this mean?”

“He’s light on his heels,” Dad says.

Brent grins inside. Dad won’t come out and say that his brother like guys. That’s just like Dad. Beating around the bush. Like the time when he tried to tell Brent the importance of keeping his glans clean. Brent kept playing dumb until Dad was forced to show his son what he meant.

Dad had to pull out his dick and give Brent a detailed demonstration of how to slide your foreskin down and make sure to clean the underside of your rim.

Brent sure loved that live demonstration. Sure, it was embarrassing as hell for Dad. But so what? It sure was a lot of fun.

So what about Uncle Joe? He isn’t inhibited like Dad. Dad is setting up an air mattress in Brent’s room so they won’t have to share Brent’s bed. But what’s the fun in that?

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Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 370

DBTN 370 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 370, released November 27, 2021. Subscriptions purchased in November 2021 include this issue..

Stories in this issue are:

  • You’re Gonna Love Him • Best friends Chris and Bruno hook up all the time. They enjoy comparing their other hook ups too. So when Chris smells the fragrance of another man in Bruno’s bed, Bruno gets excited and tells him about this romantic daddy he met. But when Bruno shows Chris a picture of this daddy, Chris sees that it is his father. So what will Chris say when Bruno suggest the three of them have a three way?
  • What’s Taking Him So Long? • Dad frets that his brother is taking so long. They’ve got to get to the stadium in time to find parking. “Go find Chester and let him know we’ve gotta go,” Dad says to his son, Donny. But Donny can’t find Uncle Chester anywhere in the filling station, until he checks out the john. And Uncle Chester isn’t alone. There’s another guy there with his big dick stuck in Uncle Chester’s throat.
  • Now We’re Even • Donny and Uncle Chester snuck out of the game to have some fun in a busy john in a bar across the street. But later when Donny shows his uncle all the drawings he made of the great cock the two sucked together, Uncle Chester says, “Whoa Donny, what’s this? Is my brother showing you his dick.” The cock Donny drew looks exactly like the dick on Donny’s dad.
  • A Great Misunderstanding • Kevin misses getting his ass plugged by his older brother Sal. Now that Sal lives hours away, he can’t swing by to take care of his little brother. So when Kevin gets a text from Sal saying he’s going to be there at three o’clock, Kevin spreads out a blanket near the front door and waits with his pants off and his butt in the air for his big brother. But someone else shows up at three o’clock.
  • What About the Wife? • Dick gets it all wrong when he sees a hot dad teaching his little kids how to swim in the pool at the hotel. Dick is there on business. Working through the weekend. He gets confused when he sees the hot dad and a hot young man sneak into the hotel room next to him? What about the wife he saw the hot dad with down at the pool?

Artists in DBTN 370

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 370 is by Rolando Mérida, dv dickie, and Shigeru.

You’re Gonna Love Him

You’re Gonna Love Him arrives November 27, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 370.

Chris detects a new scent on Bruno’s pillows. It’s not Bruno’s scent. So Chris knows Bruno had another man in his bed recently. Best friends, Chris and Bruno hookup all the time. They also like talking about the other guy’s they play with. So Chris is eager to find out about this new man Bruno is seeing.

“You had another man in this bed recently,” Chris says.

“He’s a bit older than the guys I usually go for,” Bruno says with a laugh.

“Oh, a daddy type?” Chris says.

“Like you wouldn’t believe. He was so romantic. Insisted on taking me to this fancy restaurant,” Bruno says “And then we came here and we was so sweet.”

“Was he a good kisser?” Chris says.

“The best,” Bruno says.

“Nice cock?” Chris says.

“Really nice, and he knew how to use it too. Made me cum three times,” Bruno says. So he shows Chris a photo of the hot daddy. Chris keeps his cool when he sees a photo of his own father. And when Bruno suggests the three of them have a three way, Chris agrees, but tells Bruno not to show the older guy a picture of him.

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Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 369

DBTN 369 Review Pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 369, released November 20, 2021. Subscriptions purchased in November 2021 include this issue..

Stories in this issue are:

  • Following the Wolves • Young scientist, Scott, can’t turn back now. The bush plane flies off, leaving him all alone. But high up on a ledge, ol’ Gunner watches him, observing the young man to see what kind of client he’ll be. Gunner will be leading young Scott through the wilderness so he can follow the wolves.
  • Room for Growth • Dad shakes his head when Beau comes out of the dressing room wearing jeans so tight they leave no room for growth. “You’ve got to leave room for growth in a pair of jeans,” Dad says. And he stuffs his hand inside his son’s tight jeans. ”Get these jeans and every time you get a boner, you’ll wish they had room for growth.”
  • Tree House Snack • Deck is upset. His parents make him stay with Grandpa Wilder when they go on vacation. Grandpa Wilder lives hours out in the bush, far from Perth. But Deck gets excited when he discovers that Grandpa Wilder’s house is a glorified tree house. And Deck goes naked when Grandpa Wilder tells him that out in the bush he doesn’t wear clothes. And Grandpa Wilder can’t resist snacking on Deck’s tasty butt when they climb up into the tree house.
  • Father’s Nourishing Man Milk • “Xavier, if you’re not happy with enough, you will never be happy with more,” Xavier’s father said to him. But Xavier craved adventure. However a year after joining a flotilla of majestic carracks, Xavier is marooned on an uninhabited island in the tropics. If he only he had his father’s nourishing man milk.
  • Camera Z • Raife and his tenant, Danford, enjoy jacking off together while watching Danford’s son, Tommy, beat off. But when Danford sneaks a hidden camera into Tommy’s bedroom, the two guys discover that Tommy is getting it on with a coach.

Artists in DBTN 369

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 369 is by Michael Mitchell, Dick Wad, Shigeru, and Steve Adams.

Following the Wolves

following the wolves

Following the Wolves arrives November 20, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 369.

Young scientist, Scott, knows there is no turning back as he watches the small bush plane fly off. He’s made it to the rendezvous where he is to meet his wilderness guide, Gunner. But he is early.

Ol’ man Gunner is up on a ledge. He watched the small plane land on the lake and let his client off. Gunner watched the young man haul his gear onto the shore of the lake. But Gunner is not in a hurry to run down the side of the mountain and greet the man.

What Gunner likes to do is to observe how his clients react to being all alone in the wilderness. And watching them handle being on their own gives Gunner a good idea of how they will take to trekking in the wilderness. But what about Scott who has come all this way to follow the wolves to collect DNA samples for his research? Will he be an easy man to lead?

Scott’s behavior makes Gunner smile. The young man spreads out a sleeping bag, lies down to soak in the meager arctic sun, and pulls his impressive cock out of his pants. No doubt, the young scientist wants to yank out one last nut wad before his guide shows up. Who knows when he’ll be able to pleasure himself what with a wilderness guide with him 24/7.

Scott’s behavior makes ol’ Gunner smile. Sporting a cock like that makes Scott a good candidate to show him the hot springs along their trek. Gunner only takes a select few clients to the hot springs. But young Scott sure seems like a likely candidate.

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