Coming April 2 – I Can Handle ’Em

Coming April 2, 2022, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 388, I Can Handle ’Em.

When Gordon mentions he hasn’t found anyone to look after his son, Fergus, for the two weeks he has to travel, Sandun offers to let Fergus stay with him.

Gordon warns Sandun that his son has an independent streak. “I can’t get Fergus to listen to a word I say,” he gripes.

“He’s a teenager. What do you expect?” Sandun tells Gordon with a laugh. “Do you think Manil does a thing I tell him to? Do you think he thinks I have anything worthwhile to tell him?”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Gordon says.

So on his way to the airport, Gordon drops off his son, Fegus, with Sandun. He leaves in a hurry before Sandun can change his mind.

Sandun isn’t bothered one bit having another teenager to mind. In no time Fergus and Sandun’s son, Manil, are in Manil’s bedroom, playing like old friends.

Sandun enjoys a quiet morning on the patio soaking in the sun. But when he goes inside to shower, the two boys make hardly any sound. He makes his way to the shower, but stops when he walks by his son’s bedroom. The door is wide open. The two teenagers are naked, on Manil’s bed. And Fergus is showing Manil how wonderful it is to have a tongue in your butthole!

Can Sandun really handle two, horny teenage boys for two whole weeks?

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Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 387

DBTN 387 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 387, released March 26, 2022. Subscriptions purchased in March 2022 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Second Chance • Patrick often remembers that time years ago when Dad caught him playing with himself and said, “Ever wonder why we men have dicks and why it feels so good to play with them?” Well Dad showed him why, but Patrick didn’t have the courage to reach out his hand and touch Dad. The thing is, life often gives you a second chance.
  • Herbal Remedies • A young hiker can’t find lodging in the hamlet. But a villager tells him, “But the Vicar will let you camp in the woods next to the church.” The kind Vicar shows the hiker where he can pitch a tent. He also says, “If you like to cook, you can help yourself to any of the herbs in the garden.” The garden is full of fragrant herbs. But when the hiker uses an unusual herb to flavor his soup, he wakes up in the middle of the night with an erection so hard he seeks medical advice from the Vicar. “Hmm is it usually this hard?” the Vicar says when he feels the college boy’s erection.
  • But Never With Me, Dad • Dad comes home after a fun time in the gym sauna to find his son, Trip, in a mood. “Is something wrong, son?” Dad says. But Trip is too mad to talk for days. Until Dad presses him, “Did I do something, Trip?” It’s not something Dad did that upsets Trip. It’s what Dad didn’t do. Trip says, “You play with all those guys in the gym, Dad. Don’t deny it. I saw you Friday night. But you’ve never done anything with me.”
  • Not In My Book • Dad learned from Uncle Jim the benefits of enjoying dick play with other guys. When you’re married, it keeps you from cheating with other women. So when the neighbor reroofs his roof, for several days Dad enjoys beating off to hunky, half naked guys sweating on the neighbor’s room. But Dad discovers that his son, Natt, is beating off watching the roofers too.
  • You’ll Know It When You Feel It • continued from You’ll Know It When You See It in issue 382. Kirby can’t wait to have more naked fun on the island with Dad and Grandpa Ames. After having so much fun walking around the island the day before, what will he find to do next? And with Dad and Grandpa Ames naked like him, are their dicks up for grabs too?

Artists in DBTN 387

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 387 is by Michael Mitchell, dv dickie, and Master Bates.

Madakou Vol 2 is Here!

Makadou vol 2 review pages

Madakou Vol 2 is out. This is the second volume of Madakou’s comics. It contains all the Madakou comics from the 2021 issues of Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter. And it has additional art from him never published before.

The comics in Madakou Vol 2 are:

  • Little Lion • from Dad’s Bedtime Tales 323 and 328. Coach worries about Yat-sen, one of the Lion Dance performers. Yat-sen bruised his ankle. So Sifu won’t let him perform the Lion Dance. But Coach figures out how the two can dance an incredible Lion Dance together.
  • Like It Rough • from Dad’s Bedtime Tales 332, 336, and 340. Stas loves performing in drag for his internet fans. But when Dad finds out, all hell breaks out.
  • Warriors of Ku • from Dad’s Bedtime Tales 345 and 349. Loe is excited. He’s old enough to join the warriors to get the blessing of Ku. They travel to a small, sacred island. The tribe considers sex between men taboo. But on the sacred island, the taboo is waved so the young men can vie for Ku’s blessing.
  • Switching Up • from Dad’s Bedtime Tales 354 and 358. Twin fathers, John and Jameson take their sons to the cabin. Little do they realize that their sons are screwing their uncles. When the twin fathers discover that, they secretly switch during the night. Their sons think they are in bed with their uncle, but they are not.
  • Papa Polizei • from Dad’s Bedtime Tales 362. Remco parties too hard at Oktoberfest. He’s shocked when his mother’s boyfriend, Thomas, a policeman rescues him.
  • Merry Fucking Christmas • from Dad’s Bedtime Tales 367 and 372. Beau finds himself all alone at Christmas. But so is the hot neighbor next door, Frank. A divorced man, Frank has no one to spend Christmas with. Until Beau acts.

From Madakou

It is already the second volume. Time flies by when you are having fun, don’t you agree?

Thank you so much for the support. It is so unreal to think that there is someone out there waiting to read my comics, but the thought of it always gives me the motivation to create.

So again thank you so much and let’s keep having fun together.


Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 386

DBTN 386 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 386, released March 19, 2022. Subscriptions purchased in March 2022 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • What Navy Life is Really Like • Jack’s son, Duncan, wants to join the Navy for all the wrong reasons. So Jack invites Blake, a Navy veteran, over to tell Duncan the truth about life in the Navy. The first thing Blake has to do is let Duncan know that life on board a Navy vessel is not a 24/7 orgy. But he does have suggestions how Duncan can find the bottom sailors he wants.
  • A Sweaty Spring Day • Grandpa forgets that his grandson, Skip, came to visit him for spring break. At first Grandpa groans. He likes being naked on warm, spring days. However, he quickly discovers that even though his grandson is around, being naked is still an option.
  • We Won’t Talk About This • Derrick’s brother, Bruce, a long haul trucker, comes for a visit. Only he shocks Derrick when he announces that he is selling his big rig and settling down. Bruce also shocks Derrick when Derrick gets an alert about a new recording from the light bulb with the hidden camera. Derrick put that light bulb away. So why is it still recording? And why is it recording from inside his son’s bedroom, late at night? And why is his brother on top of his son, naked, and obviously with his dick stuck inside his son’s butt?
  • Mark It • Stan sees the car he wants in the used car lot. And he’s got the cash to pay for it. So he and the salesman, Vlasyl, take it for a test drive. Vlasyl can see how much the boy wants the car. When they stop in the park, Vlassyl tells Stan, “You know, if you like the car so much, you should mark it.” Stan can’t believe it when the salesman describes what he means by “marking it.”
  • Want to Mark It Again? • Stan is thrilled with his new car. So when his wrestling coach, Coach Hanson, suggests they go and watch the Harper High wrestlers take on the Riverdale wrestlers, Stan offers to drive. Stan’s new car impresses Coach Hanson. And on the way home from the wrestling match, Coach Hanson, learns how Stan marked his car. He smiles and says, “Want to mark it again?”

Artists in DBTN 386

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 386 is by Rolando Mérida, Narov, and Shigeru.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 385

DBTN 385 Review Pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 385, released March 12, 2022. Subscriptions purchased in March 2022 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Getting Dad Ready for a Date • “Brian, don’t bother making supper for me tonight. I’m going out,” Dad says when he got home. That lights a spark in Brian’s head. Though Dad won’t be home that evening, at least Brian can help him get ready for his date. Starting by undressed Dad so he can shower. And drying Dad when he comes out of the shower.
  • Can’t Take It Back • Frankie, Ben, and Carlton are in Carlton’s bedroom, jerking off together. And they tell each other what man they would like to jack off. Carlton wants to jack off the Coach. Ben the UPS driver. But Frankie has it bad for Carlton’s dad. “Don’t laugh guys, but I’d jack-off your dad, Carlton. He’s hot!” Frankie yells. The thing is, Carlton’s dad, Conrad, overhears Frankie.
  • Daddy Is Mine by Madakou • Nathan takes a bong to Angelo’s place. While they light up, they watch some straight porn. They both get so horny they start jacking off. But Angelo’s dad comes home and catches them. He’s not bothered by it. But Angelo gets jealous when he detects Nathan flirting with his dad.
  • Genes Skip a Generation, or Not • Norm hides a massive secret from everyone, including his son, Cooper. Years ago when Norm couldn’t get his wife pregnant, he stole his dad’s sperm to do the job. So when Dad and Cooper start fooling around, one day Cooper moans, “It’s so great sucking the dick that made me and swallowing your cum, Dad.” Only Dad knows that’s not the truth. It wasn’t his sperm that made Cooper, it was his father’s. So can Dad give Cooper what he want? Sucking the dick that made him without revealing the truth?
  • Just the Facts • Zack always tells Dad, and everyone else, “Just the facts.” Zack is so studious and serious, Dad can’t believe it when he finds a folder of dick pictures and measurements inside Zack’s desk. Hundreds of them. So what is Dad going to do with that fact?

Artists in DBTN 385

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 385 is by Madakou, Dick Wad, and Shigeru.