Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 413

DBTN 413 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 413, released September 24, 2022. Subscriptions purchased in September 2022 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Connecting • The fall rains and cooler weather drive most of the hikers and campers out of the mountains. So Herb takes his son, Trevor, up to their favorite campground on the north fork of Bull Creek. According to Herb there’s nothing like a long hike in the solitude of a mountain forest to connect with your boy. And it helps when there is a hiker wanting to help a dad and his son connect.
  • Dreams Do Come True • Trevor can’t believe the fun he and his dad had in the campground showers with David, another avid hiker. As he sleeps, snuggled in his dad’s arms, Trevor still has a dream he wishes would come true.
  • Upgrade • Agent Brent feels sorry for the dad and son whose flight is delayed. They need to be at their destination by five for a wedding. That’s not going to help, but Agent Brent can make their wait in the airport worthwhile.
  • No Seeing the Bride Before the Wedding • It’s bad luck for Howard to see his “bride” Ben before the wedding. His flight is delayed too, so when Ben’s brother and nephew arrive at the airport at the same time he does, the three ride into town together.
  • Somebody Didn’t Take Out the Trash • It’s late, dark, and the rain is pouring. But his wife’s snide remark, “Somebody didn’t take out the trash today,” makes our frustrated husband take out the trash anyway. He knows he is not getting any tonight. So when he sees a wet butt by the trash bins, nothing stops him from taking advantage of the situation.

Artists in DBTN 413

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 413 is by Shigeru and Michael Mitchell.

Connecting is coming September 24

Connecting is coming September 24, 2022, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 413.

The fall rains drive the campers and hikers out of the mountains. So it’s a great time for Herb to take his son, Trevor, camping. As far as Herb is concerned, there is nothing like a long hike in the solitude of a mountain forest to connect with your boy.

“Where to this time, Dad?” Trevor says when they take off Wednesday morning.

“We haven’t gone up the north fork of Bull Creek in a long time,” Herb says.

Trevor grinned. “I like Bull Creek,” he says.

They get to the campground at the end of the road and are happy to see just one tent. After pitching their tent, they head on up the trail along Bull Creek. Two hours in they pass a hot hiker on his way down. He’s the type of hiker Herb would like to connect with if he was alone.

But maybe Herb doesn’t have to be alone to connect with the hiker’s cock. That evening, back at their tent, Trevor goes to take a shower after supper. When his son comes running back to the tent, Herb knows something shocked Trevor. “You OK, buddy?” Herb says.

It takes a while for Trevor to tell his dad, “When I came out of the shower the guy we passed on the hike was sitting on the bench and he was … he was … beating off!”

Read Connecting in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 413, coming September 24, 2022, to find out if Herb and Trevor get to connect with the other hiker.

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Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 412

DBTN 412 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 412, released September 17, 2022. Subscriptions purchased in September 2022 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • You Boys Deserve It • A follow up to PB and Jelly in DBTN 3, Dad surprises his two sons, Jerry and Paul, when he takes Jerry to Minneapolis to visit his older brother, Paul, in college.
  • Dad, I’m a Cop. I Know Things • Cop Carson enjoys Dad coming for a visit. But he’s concerned. He recently learned that his dad is Naked Dude, a guy who hikes nude all over the place. Hikers consider it good luck to give Naked Dude’s dick a tug.
  • Dating the Same Guy • Dad is surprised when he gets home and finds out that his son, Nate, brought a date over for supper. Dad’s stunned to discover that his son is dating the same guy he is having fun with.
  • My Missing Journal • Jimmy panics when he can’t find his journal. He write’s everything in his journal. Even his secret thoughts. But he can’t believe it when he discovers his step dad, Butch, reading his journal and stroking off to it.
  • Bridge Inspection • Bud is terrified of heights, but he has to climb up the bridge towers to inspect them. In the span between the two towers he discovers a photo of a dick with the words, “No one loves dick more than me. Call me.” Who climbs up the highest bridge towers to leave a message like that?

Artists in DBTN 412

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 412 is by Shigeru and Rolando Mérida.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 411

DBTN 411 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 411, released September 10, 2022. Subscriptions purchased in September 2022 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Finding Cousin Wilbur • The first time Dad fucked Davy, he moaned, “I haven’t felt so tingly since cousin Wilbur left.” Davy knows nothing about this cousin Wilbur. Who is he? And why did he make Dad so tingly?
  • Rad Riding Cock by Madakou • Radley knows next to nothing about his father who died before Radley was born. But when Radley discovers that his grandfather lives in a secluded town, he has to find him.
  • He’s a Live Wire • Dad and Scott are pumped when Dad wins the golf tournament. They party in the club house, but when the party winds down, they relax and hit the great showers in the club house. When Scott goes to soak in the sauna, he finds another golfer relaxing too. “You’re a live wire, boy,” the golfer says when he feels the underside of Scott’s balls and makes Scott’s dick stand up tall. Read DBTN 411 to see what happens when Dad walks into the sauna.
  • Want to Watch Me Cum? • Pro golfer Devon flies home after a golf tournament. He finds it hard to accept that an amateur golfer beat him. But his son, Brad’s beaming smile makes him forget that. And when Brad shows him a new skill he perfected, Devon forgets all about golf.
  • Guess It’s Just You and Me, Son • Kevin looks forward to a quiet evening all to himself. His twin sons took off with friends to a cabin for the week. Kevin is about to eat supper when his dad shows up. With the twins gone, the two can rekindle old memories.

Artists in DBTN 411

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 411 is by Madakou, Shigeru.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 410

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 410, released September 3, 2022. Subscriptions purchased in September 2022 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Virgin Balls • Mreeder virgin boys have special glands at the base of their balls. When men suck these balls, the glands activate and exude special hormones that make the men strong and give them enormous erections. So Sognar, a naked Runa warrior captures a Mreeder virgin boy, Logi. Of course, Logi’s father, Hornig, is furious!
  • My First Cock • Mikey knows Dad is about to teach him hot to suck cock for the very first time. But Mikey’s older brother comes home unexpectedly and ruins the special father-son bonding moment. So whose cock will be Mikey’s first? His older brother’s or his father’s? Read DBTN 410 to find out.
  • More Alike Than You Know, Son • Is it wrong for Dad to stroke out a load picturing his son, Luke, dangling his ock over his face and brushing his lips with it? Well if you saw Luke without his clothes on, you wouldn’t blame Dad.
  • Setting Boundaries • Sometimes a grandfather has to step in and set boundaries for his grandson. And especially when you have a son like Thane who lets the grandson, Aaron, do anything.
  • Going Down Fast • continued from DBTN 407, The fucking hot construction guy working on the roof gets a kick when he notices that both the son and the dad across the street jerk off together watching the muscles on his sweaty, shirtless body flex. So what would happen if he goes over during break and surprises them?

Artists in DBTN 410

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 410 is by Shigeru, Dick Wad, and Redfort..