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A Little History

Here is a little history about us. From April 1991 through October 2014, Handjobs Magazine was loved by many, and when we sadly announced that the October 2014 issue was going to be the last issue, so many of you pleaded with us to keep writing, that we started the weekly, Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter, which we have been emailing to subscribers every Saturday since then.

For a detailed history about us, check out this June 21, 2020, interview of us by Badwolf.blog.

We are up to issue 508, some 2,540 stories in all. Issue 509 will be out on Saturday, July 27, 2024, around 7 a.m. Pacific Time.

Issue 1,000 will be out on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2033! If you keep reading, that is.


When you subscribe, you’ll get the most recent issues of Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter and Anthology 53. After that we’ll send you future issues of Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter to you every Saturday. We send out issues by 7 a.m. Pacific Time, so depending on where you are, you will find them on our site on the My Account page from Saturday morning to early Sunday morning. Click here to subscribe to the weekly Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter.

Things You Can Buy

In addition to the weekly Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletters, you’ll also find our Anthologies (53 in all) and our Dad’s Bedtime Books (22 in all) to purchase.

In our online store all the items in the Downloads and Subscription categories are electronic items you can download. They are not printed items we send in the mail to you. We do have some printed items which are available to addresses in the USA. You will find them in the Printed Anthologies, Printed Dad’s Bedtime Tales, Printed Bi Adventures, and Printed Art, Comic Books categories.

Printed items are sent by Priority Mail which normally takes two to three days. We do not charge for shipping.

Story Submissions

We no longer have the staff to process and edit story submissions, so we are not accepting stories. We apologize to all you eager writers out there.

Credit Card Charges

Charges for orders made on our site appear as Avenue Services on your credit card statement.

Why We No Longer Print

So why don’t we print our material? A number of you tell us that you prefer printed books and magazines. It certainly can be easier to hold a book or magazine in one hand while you have fun with the other. The reason is that nearly all the bookstores that carried our printed publications are no more. At one point we sold our printed books and magazines to over 300 stores and distributors. In 2020, just 3 stores bought books and magazines from us. In 2021, only one has. Sadly, printing books and magazines is no longer viable.

Privacy Matters

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