Talks With Us interview

Tyler at talked with us recently to learn more about how Handjobs Magazine came into being. You’ll find his detailed interview with us on his blog. If you are curious about the history of Handjobs Magazine and how this Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter came about, (Gordon, if it wasn’t for your call, asking us to keep writing, it never would have happened), you’ll find many of your questions answered in Tyler’s interview.

Not too long ago he also wrote an essay about what Handjobs Magazine meant to him and others: Why Handjobs Magazine (Still) Matters. From time to time we hear from readers about how much they enjoy our little endeavor. We’re humbled by such praise, and doubt that in the grand scheme of things, we matter at all, but we’re glad to know that our readers enjoy reading our stories and seeing our art.

We are almost up to issue 300 of Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter which will be out July 25, 2020. If we keep writing, issue 1,000 will be out on Saturday, Christmas Eve in 2033. Will that happen? Who knows, but it’s not impossible.