Boy Dreams From Anthology 7

A great story in Handjobs Anthology 7 is Boy Dreams.

Peter rushes home because his parents are leaving on a long trip. So Peter has to stay with Grandpa Will who lives out in the country. It’s a long drive to Grandpa Will’s place. They don’t arrive until late that night. Peter is half asleep. He barely remembers anything.

But in the morning when he wakes up, he finds himself in bed next to Grandpa Will. He has his back against Grandpa’s stomach and Grandpa has his arms around Will. Grandpa is still sleeping and it feels good lying next to him.

Will can see out the window. He sees fruit trees, Grandpa’s garden, green meadows, and beautiful mountains surrounding the valley. Very carefully, Peter slides out of bed. To his surprise, he realizes he is completely naked. Peter always wears a nightshirt at home and the feeling of being naked feels strangely refreshing.

Quietly, Peter tiptoes out of the bedroom. It has been a long time since his last visit to Grandpa’s house. The sights and smells of the place bring back many pleasant memories. After exploring the house and stepping outside to look at the countryside, Peter goes back into the bedroom. Grandpa is still asleep, but now he is on his back. The bed sheet lies loosely over him, exposing his upper chest. Peter can tell Grandpa is naked, too, and the sight of his large, naked chest makes Peter’s back tingly.

There are many other great stories to read in Handjobs Anthology 7, which contains the stories printed in Handjobs Magazine from January through June 1995.