Breaking Dad’s Addiction – Coming Saturday, Aug 28

Breaking Dad’s Addiction

Breaking Dad’s Addiction arrives Saturday, August 28, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 357. On his way home from school, Taku sees a strange, handsome man leave their house. He wonders who it is. The stranger passes Taku on the sidewalk, but he certainly doesn’t recognize him.

However, the house is eerily quiet when Taku goes inside. Could the stranger have been a sneaky thief? It certainly doesn’t look like it when Taku goes upstairs and finds Dad spread out naked on his bed, his butt up in the air. It sure looks and smells like a lot of sex just happened in Dad’s bedroom. And Taku is sure that strange man was involved.

Taku doesn’t want Dad to know he saw him that way. So he runs over to Grandpa Buri’s place. He’s the only one Taku can talk to. The only person he can trust telling what he thinks he saw.

Grandpa Buri is disappointed but not surprised. He shakes his head when Taku describes the strange man he saw leaving the house.

“That man you saw is Blaze. He and your dad, well, they’ve known each other for a long time, even before your dad met your mother,” Grandpa said. “Blaze is no good, Taku. He’s a bad habit your dad can’t shake.”

Grandpa Buri was sure that his son, Kazu, had quit Blaze. But it doesn’t appear so.

After hearing about his dad’s long history with this Blaze, Taku has an idea of how to break his dad’s addiction.

So will Taku’s plan work. Can he get his dad to quit Blaze?

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