Coming February 27 – Is Will as Hung as his Dad?

Coming February 27

Coming February 27. Will is home on college break. His college buddy, Jeffery, is with him. But when Jeffery spends time with Will’s father, he realizes why Will can’t find a boyfriend at college.

“You’re in love with your dad,” Jeffery tells Will.

“What the hell are you talking about? That’s crazy talk,” Will says.

But Jeffery reminds Will that all the men he goes nuts for in college are older guys who look a lot like his dad.

It makes Will think. Maybe there is some truth in what his buddy says. Will’s always looked up at his dad. Even though they are very different, there is one part of their body that is very similar. They are both well endowed.

Jeffery leaves Will before college break is over. So Will has a few days all alone with Dad. When Dad goes to run some errands for a few hours, Will takes a stroll down by the river where guys go to cruise. The last man he expects to run into is his dad, who is in the bushes looking for the same thing Will is.

When Will sees the back of a hot stud who clearly has his pants open, he pushes his pants down to his knees. He wants the guy to know he is there to have fun. And when he walks up to the guy and shows him his wares, it’s too late for Will’s dad to hide why he is there too. Dad has his wares out for all to see too.

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