Coming January 30 – Big Daddy “Blaze”

Coming January 30 - Big Daddy “Blaze”

Coming January 30 – Normally, Mama is home and Big Daddy “Blaze” goes to bed well fed and well taken care of. Mama’s learned that the better she feeds him, the better he takes care of her in bed.

But he’s alone tonight and wakes up hungry and very horny.

So Oliver, the exchange student staying with them, has never seen Big Daddy hungry and horny like this. There is never anyone in the kitchen when he goes down, late at night, to make himself a snack.

Does Oliver sense the danger he is in?

How will Big Daddy “Blaze” react when Oliver shows up, wanting a snack?

It will all be revealed in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 327, coming January 30, 2021.

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You’ll also read about Dirk and his son, Terence. All of Dirk‘s friends have no idea that Jack Wood, the hot new weatherman on TV, is actually Dirk’s son. They just think he’s Dirk’s new boy toy. Dirk and Terence have fun fooling Dirk’s friends until they are in too deep.