Coming Saturday April 3 – Always Room for Improvement

Coming Saturday April 3

Coming Saturday April 3. Casey is showing his son, Conrad, the ABC’s of car mechanics. Though on a hot day, two randy bodies, in the tight space underneath a car, can exude enough fumes to cause a reaction.

Dad shows his son where the drain plug is to drain the oil. But he changed the oil on the car not too long ago. It’d be a waste to drain it again. But Conrad wants to drain something.

When they scoot out from underneath the car, Casey sees that the fumes wafting off their sweaty bodies have stirred his son as much as they have stirred him.

“You needing something to drain, son?” Casey says.

“Yeah, just feeling the plug wasn’t enough, Dad,” Conrad says

“I see a big plug that you can do more than feel, son,” Casey says, nodding at the massive bulge in his overalls.

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