Coming Saturday Feb 27 – How Much Will They Pay For This?

Coming February 27

Coming Saturday Feb 27. Stanley worries about his dad, a wedding photographer. These days, Dad has no gigs photographing weddings. So when Stanley goes grocery shopping with Dad, he’s careful not to buy expensive things. Oddly, Dad doesn’t scrimp and save.

When Stanley was little, he got into a lot of trouble walking into Dad’s dark room. But Dad retired his last film camera years ago. Yet, Dad still spends a lot of time in his dark room. Why?

Stanley sneaks into Dad’s dark room. All the old bottles of chemicals, the tubs of solution, and wires to hang developing photographs are gone. Instead, Stanley finds a murphy bed and a bank of webcams.

So Stanley confronts his dad to find out what Dad is doing in his old dark room. He can’t believe it when Dad tells him that guys pay him good money to watch him beat off.

Stanley’s mind races. If Dad makes that much money beating off for those guys, what would they pay to watch Dad cum up his butt?

Read all the details in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 331, coming Saturday Feb 27, 2021.

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