Coming Saturday June 5 – Beach Balls

Dad and Zack on a nude beach

Coming Saturday June 5. Zack can’t believe it when Dad tells him that there is a beach nearby where you don’t need to wear any clothes.

“Even here in Three Palms?” Zack says.

When Dad nods, Zack says, “You’re kidding. How come I’ve never heard of them?”

“Maybe it’s because you spend too much time with your face looking into your phone,” Dad says.

Zack glares at Dad, taps his foot, and says, “Prove it.”

The two go to nearby beaches all the time. So their bicycles are always packed and ready. This time, instead of going north to their favorite beaches, Dad takes Zack south. After crossing the river, they turn onto the dike until they come to a sign on a path that says, “Clothing optional beyond this point.”

Zack is on pins and needles as they roll their bicycles off the dike and onto the unfamiliar beach. It isn’t long before they see two naked guys splashing and chasing each other in the surf.

After chaining their bicycles to some palm trees, Dad casually removes his clothes. Zack isn’t ready to strip naked. But he sure is excited. Anyone can see that. He’s so excited and showing so much that he might as well doff his swimsuit. It’s not hiding much.

But can Dad get Zack to feel comfortable without any clothes on?

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