Coming Saturday June 26 – A Terrible Father

Coming June 26 illustration

A Terrible Father is coming Saturday June 26. When Ben tells his dad, “You can stay with me,” Dad says, “Oh, I couldn’t impose.” But Ben reminds his dad, “You’re my dad, not an imposition.”

Dad hasn’t been to Ben’s apartment. He remembers what he was like in his early twenties. No way could he have invited his father over to stay with him. He was a wild man, chasing the ladies all the time. And each time he scored, he nicked their panties. He had boxes stuffed with them underneath his bed. So what would Dad find at his son’s apartment?

Ben is nothing like his father. There isn’t a spec of dust in his apartment. No cobwebs in the windows. He has a guest room. The bed is made and there isn’t a crease anywhere.

During the day, when Ben is at work, Dad discovers his son’s diary. He is shocked when he reads that Ben is into guys and still a virgin. How can that be? How can a guy be a homo and still be a virgin at twenty-three?

So when Ben comes home, he asks his father a personal question. “So, uh, how many were there before Mom? One, two?”

Which makes his father nervous. How does he answer that? He met his wife when he was twenty-four. Which meant he’d been fucking for ten years, some 3,650 days or so. So how many women did he average per day and that times 3,650 would be?

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