Coming Saturday June 5 – Warriors of Ku

Warriors of Ku – by Madakou is coming Saturday June 5. Leo is now a man. For the first time he can join the brave warriors on their annual pilgrimage to the sacred island. A new recruit, Leo will compete with the other young men to receive Ku’s blessing.

Leo knows what is at stake. He longs to be recognized as an honored warrior like his father. Leo has trained hard to become strong enough to be a recruit.

When his father was a recruit many years ago, he became the chosen one. Looking at the other recruits as they sail to the sacred island, Leo is confident. He is stronger than any of them.

Nothing would make Leo happier than to be recognized as a Warrior of Ku.

Sex between men is taboo in the tribe. However, once the warriors and the new recruits are on the sacred island, Leo and the other recruits loose their inhibitions when they see the taboo being broken by the warriors.

The preparations to meet Ku reach a feverish pitch. The recruits know that the chosen one will get to ride the chief’s horse cock. To prepare for the honor of this privilege, they push butthole stretchers into their butts.

The fateful ceremony begins. The recruits chant and dance. Chief Kakaea arrives. The recruits bow down and lift their butts up into the air.

Leo is consumed with rage and jealousy when he thinks Chief Kakaea is about to pick another recruit. But, wait, Chief Kakaea addresses him.

So can Leo become a Warrior of Ku? Will Ku choose him?

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