Coming This Saturday – Some Things You Can’t Unsee

Coming this Saturday

Some Things You Can’t See is coming this Saturday. Kris is happy for his son, David. He’s moved back into town and married his former high school buddy, Rusk. Kris gives his son and new husband plenty of space. But he drops by on a sunny afternoon to drop off some tools he borrowed.

But when Kris enters David and Rusk’s house, he hears soft moaning and groaning coming from the bedroom. The sounds make him smile. Not wanting to interrupt the young newlyweds, Kris walks back to his car to wait.

However, Kris is stunned when he sees his son’s father-in-law, Thorm, leave his son’s house. Not only that, Thorm and David share a long, good-bye kiss and hug.

What is going on? Is his son having an affair with his father-in-law?

Kris isn’t the only dad with a worry. Thorm, Rusk’s father, is certain that Kris saw him leave David and Rusk’s house. No doubt, Kris saw him give David a long, wet kiss. So, is Kris upset? Should he tell Kris that he has been “teaching” David and Rusk what it is that two men in love do?

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