Connecting is coming September 24

Connecting is coming September 24, 2022, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 413.

The fall rains drive the campers and hikers out of the mountains. So it’s a great time for Herb to take his son, Trevor, camping. As far as Herb is concerned, there is nothing like a long hike in the solitude of a mountain forest to connect with your boy.

“Where to this time, Dad?” Trevor says when they take off Wednesday morning.

“We haven’t gone up the north fork of Bull Creek in a long time,” Herb says.

Trevor grinned. “I like Bull Creek,” he says.

They get to the campground at the end of the road and are happy to see just one tent. After pitching their tent, they head on up the trail along Bull Creek. Two hours in they pass a hot hiker on his way down. He’s the type of hiker Herb would like to connect with if he was alone.

But maybe Herb doesn’t have to be alone to connect with the hiker’s cock. That evening, back at their tent, Trevor goes to take a shower after supper. When his son comes running back to the tent, Herb knows something shocked Trevor. “You OK, buddy?” Herb says.

It takes a while for Trevor to tell his dad, “When I came out of the shower the guy we passed on the hike was sitting on the bench and he was … he was … beating off!”

Read Connecting in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 413, coming September 24, 2022, to find out if Herb and Trevor get to connect with the other hiker.

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