Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 278

Sample pages of DBTN 278

We released Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 278 on February 22, 2020. If you are a subscriber, you’ll find it in your My-Account page. New subscriptions ordered during February 2020 will include this issue so subscribe today and get it as well as Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletters 275, 276, 277, and all upcoming issues through July 2020.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Accidental Peeking • Sam discovers that the drone they use to monitor the trees in the park is handy. With it he can “accidentally” check on what is happening in his neighborhood.
  • Coach’ll Take Care of You • Principal Orman introduces Damon to Coach Mathers. He tells the coach, “I’ve seen videos of him on the pommel horse and he puts our gymnast to shame.” And he tells Damon, “Coach’ll take care of you.”
  • Survive • Our sailor has one last challenge waiting for him, surviving for thirty days on an uninhabited island. He drops from the helicopter onto the beach. But he has no tools, no food, not even any clothes.
  • Big Daddy’s Hotdogs • Brothers Brent and Holder laugh when they visit a small town farmers market and spot Big Daddy’s Hotdogs, manned by a hunky, big daddy.
  • Waiting for a Spark • Tension in the air is palpable when brothers Clark and Abe check in on their dad and their visit is interrupted by Dad’s personal trainer.

Artwork in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 278

Artwork in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 278 is by Shigeru, Narov, and Master Bates.

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