Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 312

DBTN 312 Review Pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 312, released October 17, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during October 2020.

Stores in DBTN 312

  • A Step Up • The bicycle messenger isn’t sure what situation he’s walked into. He delivered a package left behind in a bar. And when he delivered it to a dad and his son, he discovered it was a dildo. “Ready for a step up, Chris?” the dad says to his son. But what does that mean?
  • I Don’t Need a Boy, I Need a Man • Whenever Nick offers to help Dad, Dad yells “I Don’t Need a Boy, I Need a Man!” Well, after four years at college, rowing, water polo, and weights, Nick is quite the man. But is he man enough for Dad?
  • Grandpa Theo • Andrew is puzzled why no one ever mentions Grandpa Theo. The last picture of Grandpa Theo is from Andrew’s fifth birthday party. It’s as if Grandpa Theo disappeared off the face of the earth. But did he? Andrew is about to find out.
  • A Grizzly and a Wolverine • “Time to retire,” Rufus says when he’s called in the middle of the night to help clear downed power lines. He can barely walk when his foreman pulls him off the crew after a 24 hour shift. He offers an older lineman from out of town a ride. Rufus gets to thinking that a motel is no place for a fellow lineman. The bed in his guest room is far more comfortable than any motel bed. But the king sized bed in his own room would be even better. And from the looks he’s getting, the other lineman might enjoy his company.
  • Explaining Things Thoroughly • Uncle Allen has a lot of explaining to do when Andrew asks, “Uncle Allen, what’s a fuck buddy?”

Art in DBTN 312

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 312 is by Uncle Allen, Narov, Master Bates, and Shigeru.

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