Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 325

DBTN 325 review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 325, released January 16, 2021. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during January 2021.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Butt Rock • Kaboom! A huge splash wakes up Manuel. He’s sleeping naked on Butt Rock, at the secluded swimming hole. He sits up and watched a figure swimming underneath the water. When the man’s head pops out of the surface, Manuel can’t believe his eyes. It’s Clive Hard, the smoking hot, town Marshal.
  • Certifying a Sperm Donor • Tyler rolls his eyes when his sister pleads with him to screen a sperm donor. She’s met a sperm donor online and wants Tyler to check him out, to make sure he’s legit. So Tyler relents. But when he looks into this sperm donor, Kevin, his attitude changes. He wants the sperm donor to deliver packets of fresh sperm down his own throat.
  • Pony Ride in the Snow • Charlie is using his off time in the cot of the snow patrol hut. He’s happy slapping his hard cock between his hands. But the radio goes off. “Snowboarder out of bounds!” it blares. Man, is Charlie pissed. Some twerp has ruined his happy time by going out of bounds. So Charlie has to put his dick in his pants and go hunt down this twerp. And when he catches him, his dick is still throbbing in his pants. So how can Charlie teach the twerp a lesson he won’t forget? Read DBTN 325 to find out.
  • What About Me, Dad? • Davey uses his vacation time to visit Dad. He’s sure Dad needs comforting now that he’s living alone. But Dad is hardly depressed. He’s very content. So what is going on? Davey’s curious. Why is Dad so happy?
  • Baby Daddy Meets His Son • Tyler personally extracted sperm from sperm donor, Kevin’s, thick cock so his sister could get pregnant. He wasn’t surprised when his sister got pregnant from the thick baby batter. And as his nephew grows, he keeps Kevin up to date with how the boy is growing up. But when the boy turns into a young man, Tyler can’t help but notice how much he is like his baby daddy.

Artists in DBTN 325

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 325 is by Michael Mitchell, Narov, and Shigeru.

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