Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 330

DBTN 330 Review

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 330, released February 20, 2021. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during February 2021.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Only a Father and Son Can Know • Dad’s work schedule changes so the he’s home in the afternoon. He forgets to tell anyone. So when Lucas comes home, he does what he always does. He runs up to his room to make himself happy. But Dad sees what his son does. And he can’t resist the beauty of Lucas’s bare buttocks.
  • Changing Uncle Pierce’s Oil • Ken doesn’t thing anything about Dad’s excuse for helping Uncle Pierce. Ken wants the two to go to the park. But Dad says, “Some other time,Ken. I promised Pierce I’d help him change his oil.” However, it dawns on Ken that Uncle Pierce has an electric car and doesn’t need any oil change. Dad is lying. Something else is going on.
  • Fixing a Cowboy’s Son • Cowboy Clive asks the Reverend to fix his son, Ray. The Reverend is nervous because he’s been teaching Ray all kinds of things men can do together. But Clive is unaware of this. Clive took Ray to a brother in Fort Barewood so he could show the boy how it’s done. Only Ray was more interested in Clive’s hard wood than the woman Clive boned. He just wants the Reverend to fix his son.
  • We Figured It Out • Mike discovers that his dad was a wild teenager. They are installing cabinets for Derrick, an old friend of Dad’s. So when Derrick reminisces, Mike learns that Derrick and his dad stuffed their sticks in all kinds of holes as boned teenagers. Hmm, so did Dad ever stuff his stick into a man’s hole?
  • Dark Ranger • Continued from Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 329. Dark Ranger Mark has to investigate Harvey and Corey, the father and son camping on the mesa. He overheard them at night talking how hot they thought the ranger is. They talked about both stuffing him at the same time. But how does that work? And can Dark Ranger Mark handle two rods in him at once?

Artists in DBTN 330

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 330 is by Steve Adams, Shigeru, and Master Bates.

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