Dad’s Naps

Dad's Naps illustration

Dad’s Naps arrives Saturday, October 23, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 365. “Just wanting to get an overall tan, Sandy,” Dad says when he comes into the house, stark naked, and his dick flopping about.

But Sandy thinks there is more to Dad taking naked naps in the hammock in the garden than just getting an overall tan.

Not too long ago, Uncle Fred shocks Sandy when he overhears Fred gossiping on the phone about an affair his brother had with a man.

“How long did it last? Did Mom find out? Do I know the guy? Have I ever met him?” Sandy has a lot of questions.

“It went on for a year. Your mother did find out. They almost divorced, but they worked things out. You don’t know the guy. You’ve never met him. Now zip it. You never heard any of this,” Uncle Fred says.

But Sandy keeps digging and finds out more. He reads his father’s diary. An odd diary, it reads like a novel about a character named Herman. But this Herman does thing Sandy’s dad does. And Sandy is stunned learning things about his dad he never imagined. Things he enjoys doing with another man.

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