Dad’s Stalker is coming June 25

Dad’s Stalker

Dad’s Stalker is coming June 25, 2022, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 400.

Nash asks, “May I be excused?” He can only stand so much dinner talk when his parents invite fellow professors over for a meal.

He goes to his room. Though he can still hear his parents and the other professors laughing late into the night.

But as the guests leave, he hears his dad and Professor Plum talking nearby.

“By the way, how’s it going with the stalker?” Professor Plum says.

“Oh, he’s still stalking me, but I think I have it under control,” Nash’s dad says.

Nash can’t believe one of Dad’s students is stalking him. And the stalker is a guy! From the conversation, Nash learns the stalker takes his father’s Medieval French Literature class.

Nash thinks that the stalker will have no luck trying to get his dad’s cock in his mouth or butt. But Nash needs to find out what his dad feels about doing it with guys.

So one morning, when it’s just him and Dad in the kitchen, Nash checks his dad’s reaction when he asks, “So … uh … what is it that gay guys do? You know, how do they have sex?”

When Dad’s cock gets hard while they talk about gay sex, Nash knows he has to find this stalker dude and keep tabs on him.

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