Do You Need Help With Anything Else? is coming June 18

Need help with that, sir?

Do You Need Help With Anything Else? is coming June 18, 2022, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 399.

Conner, the owner of Hilltop Grocery, looks forward to Trevor coming to work in the afternoon with his big smile.

But Conner isn’t the only man who enjoys Trevor’s friendly smile. Even though wheelchair-bound Chester avoids grocery shopping, seeing Trevor’s smile makes his day. So he purposely shops when he knows Trevor is working.

But what about Trevor? Does he realize how happy he makes Conner, Chester, and the other men who appreciate his smile? One thing Trevor notices is that Chester always wears a kilt. And Trevor wonders if Chester wears anything underneath his kilt. He might be in a wheelchair, but does Chester follow tradition and go commando too?

Always ready to help, whenever Trevor sees Chester at the checkout, he offers to carry his groceries to his van. Chester never refuses.

But one day when Trevor offers to carry Chester’s groceries to his van, Chester tells him, “Actually, I didn’t drive today, Trevor. You can put them on my lap and I’ll wheel them home.”

And just before Trevor places Chester’s groceries in his lap, Chester flips his kilt up to answer Trevor’s question. Yup, there is nothing underneath that kilt except for Chester’s mouth-watering meat.

Well, Trevor’s shift is over. So he can walk with Chester and help him put his groceries away when he gets home. But will Chester accept his help?

And does Trevor’s dad, Howard, know how helpful his son is?

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