Doctor Patient Confidentiality is Coming June 8

Doctor Patient Confidentiality image

Doctor Patient Confidentiality is coming June 8, 2024, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 502.

Coach Patmejek over at Boulder High has an extensive list of things he needs Doctor Oscar to check when one of his boys comes for an exam to see if they qualify to be one of his elite athletes. Coach likes to know every thing there is to know about his special athletes.

When Dr. Oscar finishes his two hour exam, he can check Coach Patmejek’s long list of items and know with confidence he has checked the right box including the boxes for:

Doctor’s exam checklist.

And over a hundred other details that give Coach Patmejek a thorough, holistic understanding of the prospective athlete.

Dr. Oscar maintains strict doctor patient confidentiality regarding his findings. Only Coach Patmejek knows what Dr. Oscar finds when he examines the athletes.

But after examining Gunther, Dr. Oscar wonders if Gunther’s dad shouldn’t know what his thorough exam revealed about his son. Especially since Gunther’s dad, Harold, is one of Dr. Gunther’s best friends.

So does Dr. Oscar share his findings with Gunther’s dad, Harold? And is Harold surprised to learn about his son’s special talents? Or did Gunther already tell his father what a thorough exam Dr. Oscar gave him?

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