Following the Wolves

following the wolves

Following the Wolves arrives November 20, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 369.

Young scientist, Scott, knows there is no turning back as he watches the small bush plane fly off. He’s made it to the rendezvous where he is to meet his wilderness guide, Gunner. But he is early.

Ol’ man Gunner is up on a ledge. He watched the small plane land on the lake and let his client off. Gunner watched the young man haul his gear onto the shore of the lake. But Gunner is not in a hurry to run down the side of the mountain and greet the man.

What Gunner likes to do is to observe how his clients react to being all alone in the wilderness. And watching them handle being on their own gives Gunner a good idea of how they will take to trekking in the wilderness. But what about Scott who has come all this way to follow the wolves to collect DNA samples for his research? Will he be an easy man to lead?

Scott’s behavior makes Gunner smile. The young man spreads out a sleeping bag, lies down to soak in the meager arctic sun, and pulls his impressive cock out of his pants. No doubt, the young scientist wants to yank out one last nut wad before his guide shows up. Who knows when he’ll be able to pleasure himself what with a wilderness guide with him 24/7.

Scott’s behavior makes ol’ Gunner smile. Sporting a cock like that makes Scott a good candidate to show him the hot springs along their trek. Gunner only takes a select few clients to the hot springs. But young Scott sure seems like a likely candidate.

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