Keep Your Cream in Your Bottle

Coming September 2018, 2021. Can Clancey keep his cream in his bottle?

Keep Your Cream in Your Bottle arrives Saturday, September 18, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 360. College student, Clancey, needs a part time job. Clancey is sure a job as a milk man is a great job for a struggling college student. But Mr. Hankin refuses to hire such a young man to be a milk man. Mr. Hankin doesn’t trust young men to deliver milk safely early in the morning when housewives are walking about in their robes.

So Clancey’s professor, Dr. Bohnhardt, vouches for his student. “Clancey is as straight an arrow as they come,” Dr. Bohnhardt says to Mr. Hankin. “I can assure you that Clancey won’t be spilling his cream all over the place. He comes from a fine, Christian family, and he is the best behaved of all my students.”

Clancey is relieved when Mr. Hankin hires him, and he becomes a Hankin’s Milk Man. But Mr. Hankin warns Clancey, “Keep Your Cream in Your Bottle.”

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