Michael Mitchell Vol-3

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Michael Mitchell vol 3

Michael Mitchell vol-3 is here. This volume of Michael Mitchell’s art contains his art we published in the 2008 through 2014 issues of Handjobs Magazine, 94 illustrations.

In his own words:

I started drawing pictures of naked men in about 8th grade. I made line drawings of men fucking and sucking, rendering their intertwined bodies in such a way that I could see the dick in the guy’s throat or up his ass. I just had to see what two men “doing it” might look like. Once I finally started having sex with guys in real life, I pretty much stopped drawing naked men. I just drew cars.

Then, shortly after leaving Chicago and moving to New York City, I began doing “performance painting” at a leather bar in Chelsea called The Lure … dragging guys up on stage, tying them up or dropping their jeans, and painting their picture in acrylic wash while an audience of lusting leather-men watched. Suddenly I was interested in homo-erotic art again. Later, in about 1999, I discovered Handjobs Magazine. I was a prolific contributor for about 15 years, and now am illustrating stories for Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletters.

My artwork is also in the archives of the Tom of Finland Foundation in Los Angelos, and the permanent collection of the Leslie Lohman Museum in New York.

Our thoughts:

We at Handjobs are blessed to have Michael Mitchell’s work in our publications. It is an honor to present this third anthology of his work. The ninety four illustrations in this collection are the ones we published in our 2008 to 2014 issues of Handjobs Magazine.

We hope this collection brings you much joy and happiness.

This will be the third of many collections of Michael Mitchell’s art from Handjobs publications.

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