Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 282


Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 282, released March 21, 2020. Five great stories and art by Shigeru, Narov, and Master Bates.


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Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 282, released March 21, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during March 2020. Stories in this issue are:

  • Officer Dan • David is so embarrassed when his Dad, Kent, a cop, shows up at school with his side kick, Officer Dan, to put on a safety presentation. David’s classmates tease David by yelling, “Ooo, Officer Kent and his boy toy Dan.” So what happens when Dad leaves David home alone with Officer Dan? You’ll find out in DBTN 282.
  • I Can Make Your Dad Smile • Scotty has a lot of fun with his best friend, Taylor. He laughs when Taylor says, “Your dad’s hot and he shows a nice package.” Scotty tells Taylor his dad never smiles. He even says he is an asshole. But Taylor says, “I can make your dad smile.”
  • Where Have You Been, Dad? • Will has to have a one-on-one talk with Dad when Dad stumbles home way past bed time. Especially after what Will saw his dad do online.
  • It Feels Good • Dhorbi can’t take his eyes off dad’s friend, Kahjur, when he watches Kahjur undress and sink into the hot soaking tub. What makes Dhorbi’s eyes as big as saucers? You’ll find out in DBTN 282.
  • Staying In Place • Brandon groans when the Stay In Place order comes out. He can’t stand being holed up with his boring, stuffy, accountant Dad 24/7. Not for weeks, maybe months! But underneath the starched white shirts and business suits Dad wears, there’s a whole ’other Dad Brandon has no idea exists. Staying in place with Dad may not be so bad after all.


Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 282 is by Shigeru and Narov, and Master Bates.

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