Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 391


Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 391 – The April 23 2022, issue of DBTN. Five stories with art by Shigeru, Master Bates, and Steve Adams.


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Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 391, released April 23, 2022. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during April 2022.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Attention to Detail • Stan warns his brother, Matt, that his nephew, Cory, can be nit picky. Cory drives Dad nuts. But Matt wants to help. But will Cory drive his uncle nuts too?
  • Always Time to Do It Right • Dad spies on his son when he discovers Manabu has a boyfriend. But Manabu can’t believe it when he sees Dad sitting in the coffee bar across the street from his friend’s house. Dad is sitting next to Coach Nelson, and the coach has his hand on his dad’s thigh.
  • Is That a Thing? • continued from last week’s issue, Uncle Hank and nephew, Dan, get a kick out of watching Dan’s dad, Hal, sneak off to the blind orgy. Dan got to suck off Dad at the blind orgy the other day. Can they get Hal to do more?
  • He’s Just Like You, Henry • Henry takes a detour on a business trip to visit Hickory Glen, the little town where he grew up. Not much as changed. And his old neighbor, Clive, still lives next door to where Henry grew up. As a boy, Henry watched men visit Clive in his backyard and give him blow jobs and such. So does Clive still welcome men into his backyard?
  • You’ll know I’m Home When • Grandpa Taeg is off traveling around the world. Only no one at home has any idea where he is or when he will be back. Grandson Troy takes care of Grandpa Taeg’s house, stopping by in the morning on his way to school, and on his way home from school. It’s then that he likes to sprawl out naked on Grandpa Taeg’s bed and beat off. Alll is good until Grandpa Taeg comes home unexpectedly.

Artists in this issue are:

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 391 is by Shigeru, Master Bates, and Steve Adams.

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