Handjobs 2009-05 May



The May 2009 Issue of Handjobs. The printed copies are all sold out. This download issue has eleven stirring stories and illustrations by many artists. Here is an overview:

Stories in the May 2009 issue are:

  • Babes in the Wood by Stephen Scott • Uncle Dave has always admired his nephew Matt.
  • Perfect Pitch by Joseph • Piano tuner, Jim Polanski, is in for a surprise when he gets a call from a desperate student.
  • Alan’s Tales part 2 by Rolando Mérida • Mr. Peterson and Mr. Anderson catch Pete spying on them.
  • Tommy in the City part 3 by Pete Bonerz • Pete gets to attend Briarwood School for free because his dad is a new teacher there.
  • Grandpa x 3 by Christopher Bachli • Chris’s parents go to New York unexpectedly. They send Chris packing off to his grandfather in Seattle. But Chris doesn’t mind.
  • Barny the Brat Boy by Valentine • Stuck in jail for lewd behavior, Barny has to work hard satisfying the guards and trying to earn enough to get out of jail. For fans of Valentine, the May 2009 issue is a must have issue.
  • Dad’s Special Talent by Scott Geiger • Scotty is surprised when Dad shows him his special talent.
  • Reenactment by Chuck Johns • Hired to play the part of a blacksmith’s apprentice at Dry Gulch, Chuck takes to Hank, the man who will be his blacksmith.
  • Mr. Gooch’s Paddle by Curt Blakes • Curt is in principal Gooch’s office, having to confess just how bad he was.
  • My Brother and Me by Rick • Brothers Brad and Rick are on the chunky side, so their parents get them some weight lifting equipment to work out. The boys muscle up and start eyeing each other.
  • Special Time in the Bathroom by Bruno B. • The bathroom’s a quiet place to relax when you’re a teenager, but if you forget to lock the door, bad stuff can happen!

Artists in the May 2009 issue are:

Michael Mitchell, Rolando, Joseph, Valentine, and Bruno B.

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