Shadrack by Valentine


In Valentine’s Shadrack, nephew Shadrack joins Uncle Zebediah on an adventure to the wild West, in search of gold. Shadrack is skeptical. Uncle Zebediah stretches the truth. For example, Zebediah claims his dick is a foot long. But it weren’t hardly ten inches. Do they make it?


Shadrack by Valentine

Shadrack by Valentine is an adventure packed tale, written and illustrated by Valentine. Shadrack loves sinning with Unk Zeb, his uncle Zebediah. It feels so good to be up in the hayloft with Unk Zeb, their clothes tossed aside, and rolling around necked. So when Unk Zebediah talks about going West to find gold, Shadrack is all ears.

Shadrack doubts that Unk Zeb will really go. Unk Zeb says some outlandish things. For example, he claims his cock is a foot long. It weren’t hardly ten inches. Unk Zeb claims he can come nine times in a night. But Shadrack has only seen him cum five times. Unk Zeb also boasts that he’s fucked every hole in town. Well, Shadrack knows that’s not true.

But Unk Zeb comes through. The whole town turns out to cheer them off, to see them start their epic journey to California in search of gold.

So what happens? Do they make it? You’ll have to read Shadrack by Valentine to find out. Along the way you’ll hear about their encounter with Injuns, Captives, Banditos, Horse Soldiers, and more. Unk Zeb’s ten inches sure do keep Shadrack to keep moving through all the difficulties they encounter. And despite great difficulties, Shadrack meets many a character who treats him as well as his uncle.

It was published in 2003.

The ISBN is 1-886458-46-4.

Shadrack by Valentine is 83 pages.

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