The Spy Who Came Out by Valentine


In Valentine’s In The Spy Who Came Out, Grant follows his father to Berlin, in ruins after the war. He gets into trouble when he’s mistaken for his father.


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The Spy Who Came Out by Valentine • Grant follows his father to post war Berlin. The city is in ruins. But that doesn’t stop Grant from having more fun than he can imagine. The other lads in the scout troop love messing around as much as Grant. Especially when they go camping. The British soldiers at the resort can’t get enough of Grant’s tight, eager hole. The German contacts find Grant’s holes just as enticing. But it is the Soviets who really know how to party. They have no inhibitions.

Grant has the time of his life getting to know all the men. However things go south quickly when Russian spies mistake him for a spy, his father. So they bind and gag him. And they are intent on getting the truth out of him by any means possible.

How does he escape? Can his father rescue him? And if he does, can his father forgive Grant for being so promiscuous? Or does Grant’s father have secrets he is keeping from his son?

Read The Spy Who Came Out to find out the answers to all these questions.

The Spy Who Came Out was published in 2007.

The ISBN is 1-886548-65-0.

The Spy Who Came Out by Valentine is 84 pages.

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