Serving It Cold is coming July 2

Serving It Cold - Coming July 2

Serving It Cold is coming July 2, 2022, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 401.

Donny moans, “It’s so cold!”

“It’s supposed to be,” his dad says.

Donny and his dad have flown from hot summer to freezing cold winter. Donny loves going fishing with Dad. So when Dad said, “Pack your bags, we’re going fishing,” Donny hopped to it.

But Donny shivers when they reach their destination, a frozen lake in the Andes of southern Argentina.

“There is your hut. It is stocked with provisions and fishing gear. Enjoy your stay,” their guide says. He leaves Donny and Dad all alone at the edge of the frozen lake.

Dad takes Donny across the frozen lake. Maybe the hut will be warmer. But it is as cold inside the hut as it is outside.

So can Dad warm up Donny? Or will their ice fishing trip be freezing cold the whole time?

In Serving It Cold, Dad thinks of an imaginative way to get his son warm.

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