Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 288

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Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 288, released May 2, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during May 2020.

Stories in this issue are:

  • You Got It All Wrong, Dad • Dad is convinced that his son, Bart, has a boyfriend. Why else is Henry coming by to visit Bart so often? But Dad is in for a surprise when his son tells him, “Henry. He’s not interested in me. We’re just friends. The reason he likes hanging out with me is because he’s into you.”
  • Silverwood • Oliver enjoys visiting his great grandfather on his way home from school. Silverwood retirement center is on the way, and his great grandfather has a friend, Fritz, who is interesting. Though Oliver has no idea how interesting Fritz and his great grandfather really are.
  • Daddy Sitting by MadakouContinued from Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 283. Javi is desperate to get into Trevon’s pants. But Trevon’s son, Jason, wakes up and interrupts the two. Will Javi manage to get what he wants? Read DBTN 288 to find out.
  • Open Range • Our wandering soul is walking a country road on the high plains of Kansas. A dad and son pull up in a pickup and warn him that he is entering open range. “It’s not safe walking. You’ve got no place to run to if a bull comes after you,” the son warns. But is it safe inside the truck with the shirtless dad and son?
  • Pants Won’t Fit • Dad and son, Kylo, are going through cookbooks to relieve the boredom of being home all the time. The only problem is that dad’s belly is getting too big. Too big in fact to wear pants.

Artists in DBTN 288

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 288 is by Madakou and Master Bates.

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