The Dive – Coming Saturday, September 18

The Dive arrives Saturday, September 18, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 360. Taylor invites his father, Brad, to join him and Professor Janus. They are on a dive, exploring the seabed on a remote island after fishermen discover remarkable carved objects in their nets. Perfectly carved phalluses. Though their style resembles artwork of the Tlingits and Haida of Alaska and British Columbia, the remote island is on the other side of the world. And they could be tens of thousands of years old.

The discovery will upend the history of human development. So they are keeping the find a secret.

So who carved these perfect phalluses so long ago? And what more will they find on the sea floor?

Brad and Professor Janus haven’t seen each other in years. But they go back a long ways. In their university days, they were young archaeologists. And together they made some remarkable finds of their own.

While excavating an Inca find deep in a cave in Peru, Professor Janus whispered into Brad’s ear, “What happens in a dig stays in a dig.” The total darkness of the cave gave the two horny archaeologists the freedom to explore each other.

But Taylor doesn’t realize how well his father and Professor Janus know each other. Yet.

A fascinating find underneath the sandy sea floor changes everything. But what could it be? So will Taylor find out about the past of his father and Professor Janus? In the hot, tropical weather, none of them wear much of anything. Maybe they’d be better off wearing nothing at all.

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