Virgin Balls is coming September 3

Coming September 3

Virgin Balls is coming September 3, 2022, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 410.

Mreeder virgin boys have unique glands at the base of their balls which exude special hormones. When a man sucks on these balls, the glands activate and release nourishing hormones that give the man raging erections. The man’s testicles go into over drive and the man’s muscles grow and strengthen.

Naked Runa warriors treasure the balls of Mreeder virgin boys. Sucking on their balls gives them immense power and everlasting orgasms. So Sognar, a naked Runa warrior kidnaps Logi, a Mreeder virgin boy. Logi’s father, Hornig, the most powerful of all the Mreeders, is enraged. He pillages the forest and surrounding villages, searching for his virgin son.

Hornig wants to find his kidnapped son, Logi, and fuck him so that Logi’s balls will no longer exude the precious hormones. Only then will Logi be safe from the naked Runa warriors.

So will Hornig succeed in finding his son and rescuing him from the naked warrior Sognar? Or will Sognar keep the virgin Logi and become ever more powerful sucking on his nourishing testicles? Or will something else happen?

Read Virgin Balls in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 410, coming September 3, 2022, to find out.

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