Want to Practice Being Naked? is coming July 30

Practice Being Naked is coming July 30

Want to Practice Being Naked is coming July 30, 2022, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 405.

Hank will do anything for his dog, Brewster. So when Bob asks him to volunteer at the coffee booth the animal shelter has at the rest area, he can’t refuse. After all, Hank got Brewster from the shelter.

While helping at the booth, Hank meets travelers from all over. Travelers heading to distance places. And when a boy sees Brewster and asks, “May I pet him?” Hank says, “If you like, you can play fetch with him.”

Hank gives the boy a frisbee. “Here, toss this around. Brewster will snatch it out of the air every time.”

While he watches his dog and the boy play, an older guy Hank would like to get into his pants, drops by for coffee. The older guy is Jeff, the boy’s grandfather.

The grandfather and grandson, Gabe, are headed out to Colorado. They are going to spend time with the boy’s uncle and cousins, who live naked and free.

So to prepare for a stay with the uncle and cousins, Jeff and Gabe practice being naked. They drive naked in their camper. And when they invite Hank to have supper with them, it’s a chance for Hank to practice being naked too.

In Want to Practice Being Naked?, Hank gets carried away, when he takes off all his clothes for some naked time with the grandfather and grandson.

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