Wheelie Boy

Wheelie boy

Wheelie Boy illustrated by Michael Mitchell arrives January 15 in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 377.

County Road W runs straight for miles across the flattest land in the county.  It’s the perfect place to floor my sports car. A car that’s made to go 150 miles per hour or more needs to run free.

I turned onto County Road W and floored it. Within seconds I was going 80 … 100 … 125 … 150! I was practically airborne. My tires barely touched the pavement as I flew across the countryside.

I love taking my dick out and massaging it when I drive so fast. The power of the car transmits through my seat and into my butt and to my balls and cock. I get so fucking hard when I’m racing at 150 miles and hour.

But I wasn’t the only one enjoying County Road W. I saw something occupying the middle of the road up ahead. Fuck, I had to let off the accelerator.

I couldn’t tell what it was, but I sure didn’t want to hit it going 150 miles and hour.

My car slowed down. I was disappointed when I got close enough to see that it was some kid doing wheelies on his bicycle. My dick was going limp until I saw his shorts didn’t cover his butt. Nearly half his butt was sticking out.

He looked over at me and waved.

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