Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 313

DBTN 313 review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 313, released October 24, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during October 2020.

Stores in DBTN 313

  • My First Time • “Dad! You can’t do that!” Hammil yells. His father announced that he was going to have his students write a paper describing their first time. “What if they don’t have a first time?” Hammil says. “Pfft. Nonsense. What student gets through high school without having sex?” his father says. But if Hammil tells his father he’s a virgin, will he believe him?
  • Hooking Up the Bagger • Brad and Kevin play on Saturday afternoons, but when they snuggle in bed to have a good time, Brad’s dad calls. He and Kevin’s dad need help hooking the leaf bagger up to the riding mower. Brad and Kevin want to play, however, if they don’t go help their dads, Kevin’s dad is going to call next. There goes a good time in bed, or does it?
  • Is It Any Good? • Sawyer’s heart sinks when his professor tells the class to write an essay about the first time they had sex. But what can he write about, he’s a virgin? Because it’s all he can think about as he vacuums offices, late at night, for his part time job, he doesn’t realize that the office he enters to vacuum is the professor’s. And the professor is inside, grading an essay, which is so good, he has his pants down around his ankles.
  • Are You a Top? • Ben and his dad pull into a motel because they need to crash for the night. During the night, Ben wakes up and hears voices outside the door. One sounds like his dad’s. But it can’t be. The other voice says, “It’s been a while since I’ve got plowed like that.” The voice that sounds like his dad’s says, “It’s been a while since I’ve shot several loads without pulling out.” Can it be his dad?
  • Whadya Think? • Uncle Ernie is taking his nephew, Mario, to the Beef Daddy Halloween Ball. So he’s eager to show off his costume, what little there is of it, to Mario. His nephew likes his uncle’s scant costume, but Mario says, “The only thing that’s missing Uncle Ernie, is sweat. If you’re going to go as the Purple Fuck Monster, you’ve to sweat and smell like one.”

Art in DBTN 313

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 313 is by Rolando Mérida, Narov, and Shigeru.

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Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 312

DBTN 312 Review Pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 312, released October 17, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during October 2020.

Stores in DBTN 312

  • A Step Up • The bicycle messenger isn’t sure what situation he’s walked into. He delivered a package left behind in a bar. And when he delivered it to a dad and his son, he discovered it was a dildo. “Ready for a step up, Chris?” the dad says to his son. But what does that mean?
  • I Don’t Need a Boy, I Need a Man • Whenever Nick offers to help Dad, Dad yells “I Don’t Need a Boy, I Need a Man!” Well, after four years at college, rowing, water polo, and weights, Nick is quite the man. But is he man enough for Dad?
  • Grandpa Theo • Andrew is puzzled why no one ever mentions Grandpa Theo. The last picture of Grandpa Theo is from Andrew’s fifth birthday party. It’s as if Grandpa Theo disappeared off the face of the earth. But did he? Andrew is about to find out.
  • A Grizzly and a Wolverine • “Time to retire,” Rufus says when he’s called in the middle of the night to help clear downed power lines. He can barely walk when his foreman pulls him off the crew after a 24 hour shift. He offers an older lineman from out of town a ride. Rufus gets to thinking that a motel is no place for a fellow lineman. The bed in his guest room is far more comfortable than any motel bed. But the king sized bed in his own room would be even better. And from the looks he’s getting, the other lineman might enjoy his company.
  • Explaining Things Thoroughly • Uncle Allen has a lot of explaining to do when Andrew asks, “Uncle Allen, what’s a fuck buddy?”

Art in DBTN 312

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 312 is by Uncle Allen, Narov, Master Bates, and Shigeru.

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Handjobs-Anthology 50

Anthology 50 review pages

Handjobs-Anthology 50 is here. This anthology includes the stories from the January through June 2013 issues of Handjobs Magazine. With over 350 pages, you’ll find hours of enjoyment inside.

Stories in Handjobs-Anthology 50 are:

Full Service Fuckin’ by Christopher Lee
Laundry Day by Joseph
Military Maneuvers by Fred Berger
Born to Teach
Fuck Me, Granddaddy by Will Mittis
The Best Way to Reach Me
Under the Bed
The Interruption by Hunter
The Art Teacher part 3 by Bobby Joe
I Didn’t See Nothin’
Hairless Hole by Johnny White
Bus Ride Home by Rod Spotswood
Taking One for the Team by Hunter
What’s That, Dad?
Super Super Bowl Sunday by Jack Walden
Jason’s Djembe by Ian Hanks
Dad’s Bitch
Naughty by Joseph
It Might Be Broken by Peter Klein
In Charge Now
Rest and Recuperation by Hunter
Good Neighbor by Joseph
Revisiting Cousin Rob by Jon Hold
Roy by Dale Heckert
It’s Just a Hickey, Boy
Dane Attraction by Christian
May I Help You?
May I Help You? part 2
Blessed Darkness by J. R.
So, How Was Your Morning?
Married Too Long
Hope You Have a Wide Mouth
Memories by Dale Shore
Grandpa’s Helping Hand by Joseph
Coach’s Boy by SIRFozzieSEA
Beached Whale
Bee Sting by Bruno B.
’72 Buick by Alan Winkler
Holy Shaft
Twins by Christopher Bachli
Brotherly Love by Hunter
Quick and Dirty by Johnny White
The Law of Male Energy
Moving Day by Rod Spotswood
Visiting Nephews by Jon Hold
Sunday Morning by Joseph
You’re Not My Daddy! by Melodious
Neighbors Should Be Friends
It’s Tradition by Hunter
Five on a Friday by Christian
Home Early by Rerrick Kraft
Grandpa’s Pickle by Billy Beale
Big Hungry Mouth by Bruno B.
Fate by Chuck Dixon
Dr. Woodcock by J. R.
Reenactment by Joseph
Trucker Dad by Christopher Bachli
Robby by Bobby Joe
Dick for Dinner, Ass for Dessert by Christian
Red-Headed Rascals
Joe in the Morning by Christopher Lee
Bad Doctor
Better Late Than Never by Hunter

Art in Handjobs-Anthology 50 is by:

Art in this Anthology is by Lord Iron, Billy Thrash, Bruno B., Christian, Ian Hanks, Joseph, Michael Mitchell, Player, Roger, Roscoe, and Valentine.

Anthology 50 is $15 and is a download publication. There is no printed version.