Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 508

DBTN 508 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 508, released July 20, 2024. Subscriptions purchased in July 2024 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • What Rules Do You Guys Have? • Matt is teary eyed after seeing his wife off at the pier. She is off to sea, in a Navy submarine. Out of touch for six long months. But fortunately an older man, Jack, knows what Matt is feeling. And Jack has solutions.
  • Dad’s Bromance? • Neither Sam nor his mother know why Dad is in such a good mood lately. But when Dad joins the gym where Sam works, Sam finds out why Dad is so happy.
  • A Sudden Hankering for Cock • Nate can’t explain it. Life is going on just fine. He’s got a great job. Wonderful wife. Good son, Sam. So why does he have this sudden hankering for cock?
  • Dad’s Class Reunions • Milo grumbles when Dad makes another excuse why he can’t take Milo to the beach Saturday. Dad says he has a class reunion. But he went to a class reunion a few weeks ago! However Grandpa Scott knows where Dad really goes.
  • Advanced Placement Work • Kevin enjoys working nights. He likes visiting with the night crew. And one, Rachinda, has a smart son who takes advanced placement classes. But when she tells Kevin how often her son, Marcus, studies at the university library, Kevin gets suspicious. You see, in Kevin’s days, high school boys went to the university library for one thing only, cock.

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 508 is by Shigeru and Master Bates.

A Sudden Hankering for Cock is Coming July 20

A sudden hankering for cock

A Sudden Hankering for Cock is coming July 20, 2024, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 508.

Hot dad, Nate, likes to spread the joy around. Back when he was in his twenties, the last thing he expected to be doing in his early forties is to have an unquenchable lust to feed guys his dick.

But life is like floating down a river on a raft with no paddle or rudder. You just go where it takes you. And Nate finds himself in uncharted waters. Once he discovers that guys in health club saunas and steam rooms like to suck his cock, he can’t get enough.

So to spread the joy around he joins three health clubs. But he doesn’t know that his son works at the third club until he goes there. And while he sits in the sauna, with his legs open to show he is open for business, his son, Sam, walks in.

What now? Will Nate’s sudden hankering for cock get him in trouble? Or does Sam already know what his dad is up to lately?

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Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 507

DBTN 507 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 507, released July 13, 2024. Subscriptions purchased in July 2024 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Push Dad Over the Edge • Resort owner, Hernando, is alarmed when a Baptist preacher, Richard Gambogrande, checks into his resort along with Richard’s son, Jethro. The preacher is in the area to attend a Biblical conference. So why did he check into a gay resort where the guests go around naked having fun? Does he even realize what kind of resort it is?
  • A Buzz in the Air • Line maintenance supervisor, Dan, discovers that his daughter-in-law’s brother likes to swim in his pond in his birthday suit. And cavort with son and the son’s father-in-law too. He discovers these interesting facts while using a drone to examine the power lines.
  • Bird Watching With My Son • Dad is puzzled when his son, Save, finally finds a hobby he sticks to. Save usually gives up on new hobbies within a month. But bird watching is something Savo keeps pursuing. Why? Are there things other than birds in the woods Savo likes?
  • One Set of Loose Lips • Philip is pissed when Gary tells someone that Philip made him suck his dick. That is not the truth. But in no time the whole town knows. Including their dad.
  • Summer Offline • Dad discovers that when his son, Eko, loses his phone, and has to spend a summer offline, that Eko changes dramatically.

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 507 is by shigeru and Narov.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 506

DBTN 506 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 506, released July 6, 2024. Subscriptions purchased in July 2024 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Contaminating Dad • Randall can’t tell his father that he is going to be in the Pride Parade. His father can’t stand gays. He won’t go to the parade. “You won’t catch me anywhere near those freaks. I don’t want to get contaminated,” he says. But will his son contaminate him anyway?
  • Imagine No Masturbots • Morgan can’t imagine life without masturbots. How did teenagers get off before they invented masurbots? Grandpa Zed knows. The old fashioned way.
  • Making the Taxman Happy • Uncle Vivan discovers they can sell their carpets in the Saamvicj market. It is a ten day journey there, but worth the effort. When nephew Aasnar accompanies him on his next trip to Saamvicj, Uncle Vivan warns about the taxman blocking passage at the highest mountain pass. But he knows how they can make the taxman happy.
  • Name and Signature, Please • Angus sees Zubair give his name and signature to the hot delivery guy for a small package. He tells Zubair that the only reason the delivery driver asked for his name and signature is because, “He wants to get into your pants.” Is that true?
  • Should or Shouldn’t • continued from DBTN 504 and DBTN 505, Dave and his son, Carson, are about to discover if it is OK to go around naked at the farm cottage. Will farmer Bob and his son, Henry, be naked too?

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 506 is by shigeru and dv dickie.

Behind the Scenes Changes

While we are busy getting the next issue ready, we’ve made a few changes behind the scenes.

Subscriber issue list

The first is for subscribers. Now when you log into your account, the list you see at the bottom of the page includes the issue numbers for each year of your subscription. It now looks something like this:

Each year of your subscription shows the issues of that year. You can now quickly see in which year a particular issue is.

Subscriber Viewer

A month ago we updated the viewer for subscribers to read their issues online, another behind the scenes change. For many years we used an ancient version of the Mozilla/pdf.js viewer. But in late May security analysts discovered a vulnerability in all but the latest version of that viewer. In early June we replaced it with the most recent version of the Mozilla/pdf.js viewer.

Yesterday a new version of this viewer was released, version 4.4.168, and as of this morning, that is the version we are using.

One handy feature is that when subscribers read an issue online, up in the upper right hand corner of the viewer there are print and save buttons. So you can easily print or save the issue you are reading:

PDF Viewer for subscribers

After updating the viewer twice in a month span, we know how to update this easily. We plan on using the latest version from now on.

Argon2id Password Hashes

And a significant behind the scenes change is how we store passwords on the site. Actually, websites like ours never store passwords. What we do is run your passwords through complex algorithms that create a hash of your password. They end up looking something like this: $P$BZ.KrDn8CnJs93KpiDmomqOk/H9TBt.

From the hash, it is impossible to reverse the calculation and see the original password. And the way they work is that every time you log in, we generate a hash from the password you entered. If the hash matches the hash we have for you, we know you entered the password correctly.

But websites don’t just hash the password once. They take the hash and hash that. And then hash that. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of times. And hash algorithms generate different hashes even if two people use the same password.

Last week we changed how we hash passwords. This is happening transparently, behind the scenes. If your hash is still the old type, after you log in, we update your hash to the new type.

And why did we do this? To make the password hashes on our site as impossible as possible to crack. With the old type of hash technique, if hackers were ever able to get the password hashes, they could run thousands and millions of processes simultaneously to see if they can find a password that creates the same hash.

But the new way we hash passwords, using a hashing technique called Argon2id, a single attempt to generate a hash requires 128 megabytes of ram. A hacker quickly runs out of ram trying to generate hashes with Argon2id.

It is also why having long passwords makes it impossible for hackers to crack a password. On our website, we accept 91 different characters in passwords. Which means that if you use a 16 letter password, there are 7.1311403662e54 possible combinations. Or a number this large: 7,131,140,366,200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

Trying to run through every possible password that will create the same hash would take so many years that the sun will expand and swallow the earth before a hacker is even partly done.

And we are off to creating another stimulating issue for you for Saturday, July 6.