see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

Privacy Matters

Privacy, we take it seriously, which is why you won’t see any advertising on our site, or like and share buttons from social media sites such as FaceBook or Google. Placing like and share buttons on our site lets other sites follow you on our site. Which is why we don’t have them. We believe that you should be able to read our site in privacy. We don’t use any trackers or Google Analytics so we have no idea what you are doing on other sites. We don’t care what you do elsewhere online. That is your business, not ours.

The only information of yours we gather is the bare minimum we need to process orders. Things such as your name, billing information, email address, and shipping address if needed. The bare minimum to protect your privacy.

Cookies We Use

The cookies we use are strictly essential, performance, and security related cookies. We don’t use any analytical, advertising, or social media cookies. We do use Cloudflare’s security services on our login and order/checkout pages. And Cloudflare does briefly use their cookies on those pages to provide their security services. You will see those as coming from

No Credit Card Information Stored

We don’t store any credit card information on our site. Rest assured, when you place an online order with us, we never know what credit card you use. Nor do we store credit cards on our site because hackers can’t steal what we don’t have. We have no automatic recurring charges. It may cause a little inconvenience when you place additional orders with us, but a little inconvenience is worth your privacy and the peace of mind knowing that your credit card information can’t be stolen from us because we don’t have it.

Your Information Belongs to You

We believe that your information belongs to you and not to us. If you have placed an order with us, or registered as a user, and you want us to remove your information we have, let us know. If you’ve ordered anything, we will ask that you make sure to first download your order(s), because if we remove all your information, you may not be able to retrieve your order(s).

Enjoy our site with peace of mind.

You can contact us from our About Us/Contact page.