Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 310

DBTN 310 Review Pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 310, released October 3, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during October 2020.

Stories in DBTN 310

  • Keeping Dad Out of Jail • Hank is worried that his dad and uncles are going to get caught and end up in jail. But Uncle Sherman isn’t worriedl. When Hank finds his favorite uncle spiffing up for a date, he asks, “Where are you going?” Uncle Sherman says, “Going to keep your dad out of jail.” So how is Uncle Sherman going to keep Dad out of jail? And why does Uncle Sherman think Hank can help? The answer gives Hank a raging pardon.
  • Officer Chet • Jamie has a crush for Officer Chet, the hot cop living next door. In Cory’s vivid wet dreams, Officer Chet makes him cum by pushing his billy club against his balls. And when Hank gets stopped by Officer Chet late while he’s cruising along River Drive, his juices flow.
  • Slutty Demon King by Madakou • The Demon Hunter meets his match when the Demon King ambushes him. How can our Demon Hunter survive the all powerful Demon King? Read DBTN 310 to find out.
  • Fire, Get Out! • Loud banging on the front door wakes Cory up. A fireman yells, “Fire! Get out!. Cory tries to escape on is his bicycle. But the fireman tosses Cory’s bicycle into the firetruck. “You can’t outrun the fire on that!” he yells. And he tosses Cory into the fire truck. Off they go, speeding through flames. They race out of the hills. But what are the chances that the motel room that fireman Mason is crashing in, is the same motel room where Cory’s uncle taught him what two cock-loving men do?
  • Potent • The doctor wonders why the 27 year old patient wants a vasectomy. But he’s not surprised when he learns how potent the young man is.

Art in DBTN 310

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 310 is by Madakou, Shigeru, and Master Bates

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