Josman 2003 & 2004

Josman 2003 review pages

We added Josman 2003 and Josman 2004 to our online store today. When we first saw Josman’s My Wild and Raunchy Son comic back in 2002, we knew we had to have his illustrations in Handjobs Magazines.

His work was so loved by our readers that we made collections of the work he did for us in 2003 and 2004. We had these collections for sale on our old website until we shut it down at the end of 2014.

A highlight during our time of publishing Handjobs Magazine and Books was receiving the shipment of the Josman book we published. It arrived toward the end of July, 2006. Opening the boxes and holding the book in our hands was a dream come true.

Sadly, we sold out of the Josman book. But the contents of that wonderful book are in the two download books, Josman 2003 and Josman 2004.

It is impossible to pick a favorite comic from these collections. The Night Visitor and The Log Cabin in Josman 2003 come to mind. His My Wild and Raunchy Son series in Josman 2004 is sure to be a favorite of many. Each reader will no doubt have their favorite when they read these incomparable collections.

After a long hiatus, we are making these collections available again. We’re sure you will enjoy adding them to your library.

Review pages of Josman 2004

Roger Books

Our Roger books are now in our online store. For many years Roger created incomparable art of hairy, well-endowed, virile men. He made nearly four hundred works of art for our publications.

Cover and review pages

Handjobs Presents Roger

In 2001 we published our first book devoted to Roger’s art, Handjobs Presents Roger. This was a softcover book of seventeen stories with 47 of his illustrations. We sold out of the printed version sometime ago.

Stories of a horny landscaper, a priests with confessions, and a teacher leading his honor students astray, and many others, give hours of fun.

You’ll find the download version in our online store.

Cover and review pages of Men by Roger

Men by Roger

Another of our Roger books, in 2005 we published a hardcover book, Men by Roger, a collection of 90 of Roger‘s illustrations. For those of you in the USA, we still have the hardcover edition in stock, and you can purchase it here: Men by Roger (hardcover edition). Place it on your coffee table. It is bound to start many a pleasant conversation.

If you live outside the USA or prefer a download version, you’ll find it here: Men by Roger (download edition).

There are no stories in this collection, just great art. You will find illustrations of policemen and soldiers and sailors showing off. There are park rangers having fun with naked hikers. Glorious scenes of guys doing what guys do in public restrooms. Businessmen getting pleasured. Farmers and ranchers taking breaks to get off. Construction workers getting relief. And more.

Both of these books are sure to delight. A male admirer’s library isn’t complete without them.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 305

DBTN 305 Review Pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 305, released August 29, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during August 2020.

Stories in DBTN 305

Trip to the NYC YMCA • Lucas is thrilled when Dad comes home with plane tickets for a trip to NYC, and Uncle Tom is going too! The three sure know how to get happy together. But how happy are they going to be staying at the YMCA? Read DBTN 305 to find out. Because who knew the YMCA could be so much fun?
Maximizing Muscles • Winston discovers he can make decent money tutoring kids in the evening. But he doesn’t plan on encountering a man like Cody, Steven’s dad. So when Cody, a personal trainer, makes an offer, “How about you consider exchanging an hour of tutoring my son with an hour of me tutoring your muscles?” Can Winston refuse?
How Big a Hole Can I Drill? • Huguito wonders how Dad always knows when he is playing with himself. Dad yells for him to come downstairs when he is having fun in bed. But Huguito isn’t expecting to run into tall Taladro standing next to Dad. Taladro is helping Dad with a big project. Huguito can’t keep his minds off Taladro’s big project. Can he keep his hands off Taladro? The answer is in DBTN 305.
I Would Have Sex With Him • Dad shows Wendel an article of a professor caught fooling around with his students. But Wendel sees how good looking the professor is. He suggests that the students were the ones going after the professor.
This Changes Things • Jefferson and his buddies find an odd contraption inside ol’ man Carson’s play room. It’s a pillory used in medieval times to punish criminals. Jefferson puts his hands and neck in the pillory to test it out. But his buddies run off when ol’ man Carson investigates what is going on. “Hmm, this changes things, don’t it, Jefferson?” Carson says as he feels Jefferson’s bare buns.

Art in DBTN 305

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 305 is by Rolando Mérida, Master Bates, and Narov.

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Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 304

Review pages of DBTN 304

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 304, released August 22, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during August 2020.

  • A More Suitable Camp for Will • Will can’t go back to Camp Whispering Pines. Last year, the camp told Kevin, Will’s dad, that Will was no longer welcome. He had tried to seduce the life guard, the tennis instructor, the hiking guide, his bungalow leader, all men. So what can Kevin do? Will loves camp. When you read DBTN 304, so will you.
  • The Enthusiast • Principal O’Rear isn’t pleased when Coach Devon picks Yūta to be on the track team. “He wasn’t the fastest. Parents are calling and complaining,” Principal O’Rear yells at him. Coach Devon points out, “No he wasn’t the fastest, but he was the most enthusiastic of the lot, Paul.” And Coach Devon knows that enthusiasm is everything.
  • The Dubinski Brothers • Marshall’s muscles are all knotted up from stress at work. His boss slips him a business card. “Home Massage by the Dubinski Brothers,” the card says. “I use them from time to time,” his boss says. “Trust me, you won’t regret calling them.” Is that true? If Marshall has these brothers over to massage his muscles, will be find relief? Read DBTN 304 to find out.
  • Fill ’Er Up • A friend of a friend of his dad gets Luke a job at Joe’s Gas ’n Go. Luke’s a bit annoyed that he was to wear a hand-me-down uniform with someone else’s name on it. But his cigar chomping boss, Joe, tells him, “Go with it, kid. You’ll thank me later. Sometimes it works out better if customers don’t know your real name.” But why would it matter?
  • Run It Up the Flagpole and See Who Salutes • James has not seen another human in nearly two weeks. He’s manning a fire lookout tower in the Thunder Mountain Wilderness. So when he spots two attractive hikers on another ridge, advice his grandpa often gave, “Run It Up the flagpole and see who salutes,” gives him an idea. He doesn’t have a flag, but he does have a bright, yellow jockstrap. He ties it to the top of a tall antenna. Will it work?

Art in DBTN 304

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 304 is by Shigeru and Narov.

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Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 303

Review pages of DBTN 303

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 303, released August 15, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during August 2020.

Stories in DBTN 303 are:

  • Look for the White and Blue Flag • Reporter Terrence, the new reporter for the Dimble County Gazette is in the town diner, chatting with the Sheriff Harvey. The sheriff shares a good tip on where Terrence can get some stories for the Gazette. Buck Lutzhorn. Last year when he was a senior, Buck led his team all the way to a state championship. According to the Sheriff, “Buck got his boys to go all out for him on the team by promising them a blowjob each time they caught one of his passes and scored a touchdown. And if that touchdown won the game, he’d let them fuck his tight ass.” This Buck sure sounds like a promising lead.
  • Is This Key Yours? • Jarod learns that his best friend’s older brother, Brant, likes to stuff his big thing up a guy’s butt. At least that’s what his friend swears. But what excuse can Jarod give for visiting Brant? A lost key is the answer.
  • Curing the Masturbating King • We are no longer ruled by kings and nobles. But back in the day, when kings were all powerful, what did you do when your king kept playing with himself all day long? How did you cure that?
  • Thumper • Everyone at the dinner table laughed when Russell reveals that his boyhood nickname was “Thumper”. Russell’s a new hire at the company. Clarence is twenty years his senior. So what happens when Clarence excuses himself to use the restroom and Thumper tags along. Read DBTN 303 to find out.
  • Careless • Bob is snipping his laurel hedge early in the morning. Everyone in the neighborhood is asleep. Except for hunky MacPhree, the retired football player, out for a morning jog. He stops by to chat with Bob. But when the two of them hear sounds coming from Jordy’s bedroom, well, they both need to see what Bob’s son is doing. It sure sounds like he’s playing with himself. Is he?

Art in DBTN 303

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 303 is by Narov, Master Bates, and Uncle Allen.

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