Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 427

DBTN 427 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 427, released December 31, 2022. Subscriptions purchased in December 2022 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Is That Really Your Dick, Son? • Dad, an FBI agent, wonders if he should warn his family about a new scam. But he is too late. His son, Sasha, runs in terror from the living room when he gets a text. Dad goes to check on him. With tears streaming down his face, Sasha shows Dad his phone. Someone has the pic of his dick he sent to what he thought was a classmate. They demand $10,000 or they will show everyone the pic. All Dad can think when he sees the big dick on his son’s phone is, is his son really that hung?
  • A Dad’s Nightmare • After visiting Santa, Dad has a repeating nightmare. The hot Santa they saw whispers to Dad, “The present your son wants more than anything else is to suck your cock. Let me show him how to do it.” Then the Santa pulls down Dad’s zipper and says to the son, “Here’s how you suck a cock, son.”
  • If You Don’t Want to Know the Answer • Aunt Tilda warns Brian’s mother not to go looking if she doesn’t want to know the answer. Brian’s mother suspects her husband is having an affair. But Brian doesn’t heed his aunt’s advice. He goes looking. And the answer he finds about Dad shocks him.
  • You Don’t Fuck My Son Properly • Lucien and Otmar travel across Europe to visit Otmar’s parents in rural Austria. Lucien has never met them. Otmar warns Lucien that his dad, Konrad, is demanding. But Lucien finds Konrad to be warm hearted and loving. Until Lucien is alone with Konrad. And Konrad tells him, “You Don’t Fuck My Son Properly.”
  • New Years Family Orgy • Gay dads Gary and Mike can’t believe their ears. Their sons, Chad and Aiden want to know which orgy they are going to on New Years Eve! Gary shouts, “There will be no orgies this year!” He has to be away on business and will be in no mood to go to an orgy when he returns late on New Years Eve. But Chad and Aiden surprise their dads and bring the orgy home.

Artists in DBTN 427

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 427 is by shigeru and dv dickie.

RV Park Memoir from Handjobs Anthology 45

Handjobs Anthology 45 Cover

Handjobs Anthology 45 is loaded with the stories from our July through December 2010 issues of Handjobs Magazine. A favorite story of many is RV Park Memoir by Lord Iron.

Tyler was lucky enough to have an unforgettable uncle, Ed “Dutch” McGraw. He was the randiest, saltiest sumbitch you’d ever see. When Tyler was growing up in the country, Dutch was the wild one in the family. And he heard crazy stories about him as far back as he can remember. He was an ex-Marine and had seen a good part of the world. He liked to play pranks and was always pulling stunts. With his dirty jokes and gutter mouth and loud laugh, he didn’t always meet with approval in the conservative small town where Tyler grew up. But that was just as well since he only came around once in a while.

Dutch oozed a strong sexuality that made certain folks uncomfortable. He was always ready to whip out his big, floppy dick to take a piss, and he didn’t care who was watching. He’d just go on talking to you like it was nothing. Standing there with his junk hanging out for all the world to see.

RV Park Memoir illustration of Uncle Ed “Dutch” McGraw.

One afternoon when Dutch takes Tyler on a RV trip, Dutch notices that his nephew is pitching’ a hardon just like he is. So in a low conspiratorial voice, he says, “Hey, let’s say we jack off, Ty? How about it?”

Tyler doesn’t see why not. And a mutual handjobs leads to a whole lot of other good ol’ uncle-to-nephew man-to-man fun.

RV Park Memoir illustration with Tyler and Uncle Dutch

So don’t just stare at the ball churning illustrations. Get Handjobs Anthology 45 and enjoy every paragraph of RV Park Memoir by Lord Iron, and all the other stories in this 350 page anthology.

The New Intern from Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 13

Dad's Bedtime Tales Vol 13 cover - The New Intern is in this volume.

Every Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume has many great stories to read. The New Intern in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 13, is one.

Every quarter there is a new intern at the law firm. This quarter it is Winston from WSU.

The two things our lawyer checks when a new intern arrives are: A – Can he do the work? and B – Where do his eyes go when you’re first introduced?

In the case of Winston, our lawyer likes that the young man’s eyes glance down at his crotch. It proves the boy likes cock. Something our lawyer prefers in an intern.

Page 35 of Dad's Bedtime Tales vol 13 - The New Intern story

But the thing is, even though Winston is intrigued with what our lawyer packs between his legs, he is a shy young man. So he’s not one to help himself to a hunk of meat no matter how much it makes him drool.

Fortunately for our graying lawyer, last year’s intern, Calvin isn’t shy. Calvin might call our lawyer, “Gramps,” but that’s OK. As long as he can get Winston to help drain our lawyer’s full sac.

And how does Calvin get Winston to lap our lawyer’s meat with his tongue? Get Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 13 and find out.

In addition to The New Intern, there are many other dick throbbing stories to enjoy in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 13.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 426

DBTN 426 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 426, released December 24, 2022. Subscriptions purchased in December 2022 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • A New Family Tradition • Brothers Jessie and Billie are tickled pink when they see Unk B come naked out of their father’s bedroom on the heals of their naked dad. While their grandparents were around, the family celebrated Christmas with them. But now it is time for the sons to start new family traditions.
  • Santa’s Elves Delivery Service • Dad waited too long to buy his son’s gift. So he needs it delivered fast. Fortunately, the toy maker is in the same town. And they have a special delivery service. So one of Santa’s Elves will be over that afternoon to deliver the present.
  • Doctor, Is It Wrong to Show Him? • Even though Charles left his home town years ago, each year when he goes back for Christmas, he visits Dr. Wetmore. And this year he has a very personal question to ask.
  • So Much Better • Dad comes home after a two week shift at the firehouse. And what he craves is pussy. But he wakes up Saturday morning to find his wife is away. And all of a sudden his son’s buns filling out his tighty whites look very inviting. Who knew there was something better than pussy to pull a wad of cum out a man’s balls?
  • Dirty Old Mall Santa • Trent isn’t happy when Grandpa Pete takes him to the mall instead of home. At least at home they could play strip poker. What fun can they have at the mall?

Artists in DBTN 426

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 426 is by Lord Iron, Michael Mitchell, and shigeru.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 12

Cover of Dad’s Bedtime Tales Vol 12

Every Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume is full of great stories to read. One in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 12, that will make your cock shoot cum is Dad, Is It OK If ….

When Joel asks Dad if he can go spend the night with his friend, Jimmy, Dad gets suspicious. His son has been spending too many nights with Jimmy lately. And what is in the bag that his son is carrying?

Joel gets nervous when Dad demands to see the contents of the bag. The boy has a right to be nervous. Dad is about to discover the toy dick his best friend gave him.

Page 15 from Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 12

When Dad demands that Joel give him the bag, Dad says, “Now hand it over, Joel. Come on, son. Now let’s see. Hmm, toothbrush. Good to see you’re keeping your teeth clean. Pajama bottoms. Hmm … what’s this? My, my, my. What do we have here? What is this, son? Care to explain?”
“It’s … uh, Dad, it’s not mine. It’s Jimmy’s.”
“Really. Now why would he give you something like this?”
“What was that, son? Cat got your tongue?”
“I just wanted to try it out, Dad.”
“Speak louder son. I can barely hear you, son.”
“I just wanted to try it out, Dad.”
“And did you, son?”
“What, son?”
“Yes, Dad.”
“Go to your room, Joel. We need to have a talk.”
“Dad, please! Just let me go over to Jimmy’s. I promised him I’d take it back tonight.”
“Go to your room, son.”
“Do I need to show this to your mother?”
“Go to your room, son.”
“OK, Dad.”

And what happens next? Plenty. And your dick and balls will want you to read it to them.

In addition to Dad, Is It OK If …, there are many other cum blasting stories to savor in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 12.