RV Park Memoir from Handjobs Anthology 45

Handjobs Anthology 45 Cover

Handjobs Anthology 45 is loaded with the stories from our July through December 2010 issues of Handjobs Magazine. A favorite story of many is RV Park Memoir by Lord Iron.

Tyler was lucky enough to have an unforgettable uncle, Ed “Dutch” McGraw. He was the randiest, saltiest sumbitch you’d ever see. When Tyler was growing up in the country, Dutch was the wild one in the family. And he heard crazy stories about him as far back as he can remember. He was an ex-Marine and had seen a good part of the world. He liked to play pranks and was always pulling stunts. With his dirty jokes and gutter mouth and loud laugh, he didn’t always meet with approval in the conservative small town where Tyler grew up. But that was just as well since he only came around once in a while.

Dutch oozed a strong sexuality that made certain folks uncomfortable. He was always ready to whip out his big, floppy dick to take a piss, and he didn’t care who was watching. He’d just go on talking to you like it was nothing. Standing there with his junk hanging out for all the world to see.

RV Park Memoir illustration of Uncle Ed “Dutch” McGraw.

One afternoon when Dutch takes Tyler on a RV trip, Dutch notices that his nephew is pitching’ a hardon just like he is. So in a low conspiratorial voice, he says, “Hey, let’s say we jack off, Ty? How about it?”

Tyler doesn’t see why not. And a mutual handjobs leads to a whole lot of other good ol’ uncle-to-nephew man-to-man fun.

RV Park Memoir illustration with Tyler and Uncle Dutch

So don’t just stare at the ball churning illustrations. Get Handjobs Anthology 45 and enjoy every paragraph of RV Park Memoir by Lord Iron, and all the other stories in this 350 page anthology.