The New Intern from Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 13

Dad's Bedtime Tales Vol 13 cover - The New Intern is in this volume.

Every Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume has many great stories to read. The New Intern in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 13, is one.

Every quarter there is a new intern at the law firm. This quarter it is Winston from WSU.

The two things our lawyer checks when a new intern arrives are: A – Can he do the work? and B – Where do his eyes go when you’re first introduced?

In the case of Winston, our lawyer likes that the young man’s eyes glance down at his crotch. It proves the boy likes cock. Something our lawyer prefers in an intern.

Page 35 of Dad's Bedtime Tales vol 13 - The New Intern story

But the thing is, even though Winston is intrigued with what our lawyer packs between his legs, he is a shy young man. So he’s not one to help himself to a hunk of meat no matter how much it makes him drool.

Fortunately for our graying lawyer, last year’s intern, Calvin isn’t shy. Calvin might call our lawyer, “Gramps,” but that’s OK. As long as he can get Winston to help drain our lawyer’s full sac.

And how does Calvin get Winston to lap our lawyer’s meat with his tongue? Get Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 13 and find out.

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