Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 479

DBTN 479 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 479, released December 30, 2023. Subscriptions purchased in December 2023 include this issue.

  • Dad, That Man’s Staring at Me • Son Arny points out to Dad that a man is staring at him. They are in the grocery store checkout. And Dad isn’t surprised a man is staring at his son. Not with the way his son is dressed, what with all his goods on full display.
  • It’s Good to Be Home • A four hour flight home turns into a three day nightmare. Dad is so glad to be home. Though on the way home, during a night in a motel, he did hear another son and dad make out. And now that he is home, he has nightmares about making out with his own son.
  • My Son’s FF Event • When Dad sees on his son’s iPad that the boy is attending a FF event, Dad is shocked. He can’t image his son is fist fucking!
  • Professor Kok’s Samples • Scott drools when he walks into his first Mycology course and sees Professor Kok. The man is the ideal outdoorsman he wanted for a dad all his life.
  • Getting Dad a Raise • Marco, who sometimes interns at his dad’s office, is surprised when his dad’s boss asks him to come to the office. Marco thinks a disaster must have happened. But there is no disaster. Just the boss’s hard cock.

Artists in this issue are:

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 479 is by Rolando Mérida and Shigeru.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 478

DBTN 478 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 478, released December 23, 2023. Subscriptions purchased in December 2023 include this issue.

  • Another Man in the House • When Dad comes home from another long voyage at sea, he detects an odd aura in the house. The aura of another man.
  • Naughty Boy • Santa’s helper flirts with all the hot dads who bring their kids to sit on Santa’s lap. He even asks one dad, “Is that a present for me in your pocket?” Santa has had enough. It’s time to teach the naughty boy a lesson.
  • My Little Scout • Brad misses having a young man around the house. A young man who likes to cook and clean wearing nothing. A young man with a peachy butt he can play with. So when a promising apprentice with a cute butt shows up on the plant floor, he sends his nephew, his little scout to investigate the cute butt.
  • Do You Remember Your First Time? • Teacher Niko gets an erection reading Pekka’s paper. He told the class to write a paper about an amazing thing that happened to them. And Pekka wrote an eleven page paper about his first time.
  • Christmas Eve Bonding • When Sam hears that it will just be him and dad at home for Christmas he gets a boner. At last, he and dad will have time all to themselves to cement their special father-son bond. But Grandpa Mo shows up while Sam is shoveling snow off the driveway.

Artists in this issue are:

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 478 is by Michael Mitchell and Narov.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 477

DBTN 477 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 477, released December 16, 2023. Subscriptions purchased in December 2023 include this issue.

  • Your Day, Son • Scott doesn’t know how he will survive spending vacation with his parents on an island without his phone. It takes him days to figure out how to live without being in constant contact with his buddies. But he finds a pamphlet describing a nude beach on the island. And when Dad says he will spend a whole day with him and they can go wherever he wants, Scott knows where to take Dad.
  • I Have Something for That • Being a good doctor means knowing what treatment a patient will want to take. It does not good prescribing a treatment if the patient refuses it. And while examining a Dad who needs more prostate stimulation, Dr. Bennett gets a feeling that they will enjoy the special treatment he is sure will cure the Dad.
  • Jury Duty • When Dad ends up a juror on a case, he is surprised to see Paul sitting in court, the defendant. And when the prosecutor lays out the charges, Dad knows Paul is innocent. That’s because at the time the prosecutor says Paul committed the crime, Dad was watching Paul teach his son how to suck a man’s cock.
  • Like My Hound Dog Blue • Bentley envies his hound dog, Blue. That’s because Blue can sniff any man’s crotch and not get in trouble. Bentley would love to shove his nose into the laps of Dad’s beefy buddies and inhale their complex scents.
  • Optimal Sperm Extraction • The trouble with letting men give sperm samples themselves, is that you can’t see their cocks. So when a customer wants to know if the sperm donor has a horse cock or not, you don’t know. Is there a solution? There is when you take the sperm sample yourself. And doing so opens up other possibilities.

Artists in this issue are:

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 477 is by Shigeru and Master Bates.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 476

DBTN 476 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 476, released December 9, 2023. Subscriptions purchased in December 2023 include this issue.

  • Blackmail • Randy learned from his grandmother how to blackmail people. But to do it in a way they think you are doing them a favor by keeping their dark secrets hidden. So when he discovers Deacon Brown with his cock stuffed down Randy’s father’s throat, Randy knows that secret is worth a lot.
  • Team Captain by Madakou • The Boys Volleyball Coach needs to pick a new team captain. But how to pick between his top two players? They are both excellent players. But which boy can best suck his enormous cock?
  • Two Timing • Hank loves getting his ass plowed by Chuck, a hot older man, a dad. But when he runs into eager Chris, a teen who clearly wants to learn how to suck cock, Hank can’t resist. But then he discovers that Chris is Chuck’s son!
  • Full-Stack Engineer • Chuck enjoys his job as a full-stack engineer. He considers his thick cock to be a full-stack cock too. And he can’t get enough of Hank’s butt until he learns that Hank is dallying with his son, Chris! What should he do?
  • When Your Dad Won’t Teach You • Chris gets hardons when he sees his dad naked. But no matter how much he tries to get Dad to teach him how to use his cock, Dad won’t oblige. So of course he has to find a man who will, Hank. However one day he learns that his dad is plowing Hank’s ass.

Artists in this issue are:

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 476 is by Madakou and Shigeru.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 475

DBTN 475 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 475, released December 2, 2023. Subscriptions purchased in December 2023 include this issue.

  • The Cock King • Principal Adams is furious about the lurid paper Diego wrote. He calls in Diego’s teacher, Stanley, to talk about expelling Diego. But Stanley advices against that. Diego did not make up the history about the Cock Kings who exchanged their semen with the Cock Princes when they ascended the throne. It’s all true.
  • The Last Dad Chaperone • When dad Norman moves, Coach has to find another dad chaperone for Spring Training Camp. He has one chaperone who can suck, another who can drill holes to satisfaction. But he needs a replacement for Norman who could take an entire baseball team pumping his butt full of loads.
  • The Boss’s Son • Roger doesn’t know what to expect when his boss invites him to his country estate for a dinner with other executives. It’s a social event for the executives to get acquainted. But Roger discovers that it’s not only delicious food on the menu. The boss’s son is his dessert.
  • Zack RipRock’s Biggest Fan • Clark is wilderness explorer Zack RipRock’s biggest fan. He records the show so he can watch it when he is alone. That’s because he has to take off all his clothes and diddle with his knob when Zack RipRock flexes his muscles.
  • The Intimate Dads Club • continued from DBTN 474, Rupert wonders what his son, Henry, will think when he tells him what he and four other fun-loving dads did with another son the other night. Will Henry want to play with other dads too?

Artists in this issue are:

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 475 is by Michael Mitchell and Master Bates.