Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 292

Review pages of DBTN 292

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 292, released May 30, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during May 2020.

Stories in DBTN 292 are:

  • Dad, What’s a Top? • Eric gets an education when he overhears that Uncle Zack is a “total top”. He can’t believe that Uncle Zack is really that. But when Uncle Zack pays a visit, Eric sees his uncle is all that and more.
  • My Destiny • Calvin and Dad are washing the car when Preston, their hot neighbor, takes off to go bird watching. As soon as Dad takes off for Home Depot, Calvin chases after hot Preston, as if he is chasing his destiny. But what is Calvin’s destiny? Read DBTN 292 to find out.
  • Touching It Again • Our head doctor is positive he knows the new resident, Dr. McKine, from somewhere, but where and how? He can’t figure it out. But when he introduces the young resident to his gym, and sees him in the sauna with no clothes on, it all comes back to him.
  • Too Curious For My Own Good • The only compliment our big boy gets from his teacher is, “At least you are curious.” And he is, especially about other guys. So when he hears a lot of moaning and groaning coming from the neighbor’s on the other side of the cinder block wall, he has to investigate.
  • Ultimate Yoga • Their first yoga lesson with Stan was so great that Dad and Forest can’t wait for Stan to come again. All week Dad and Forest practice their special yoga pose. If you read DBTN 291, you know what this pose it. But what does their yoga teacher, Stan, think of this pose dad and son enjoy so much?

Art in DBTN 292

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 292 is by Rolando Mérida and Narov.

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Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 291

DBTN 291 review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 291, released May 23, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during May 2020.

Stories in DBTN 291 are:

  • You Know What, Floppy • Chester is on the verge of pulling out a good load when someone rings the doorbell three times. It’s Dad’s lawyer, Mr. Imai, with important documents for Dad. Chester is still in full bloom down there, which makes Mr. Imai smile and call him, “Floppy.”
  • Junior’s Graduation • Decker is bummed that graduation ceremony has been canceled. Well, there is a lame online graduation. But Decker was hoping to whoop it up with his classmates. But Grandpa knows how to throw a good party. Just how good a party does Grandpa throw for his grandson? Read DBTN 291 to find out.
  • Mikey Likes It • Dad doesn’t care that Mikey likes it. He’s still furious that his two older brothers are letting Mikey service them. If Mikey can’t service his older brothers at home, where can he? Uncle Allen comes to the rescue.
  • The Right Fit • As a big, well built, boy, Ernie has a hard time finding underwear to fit hi big, good looking ass. But Coach Haddock has a suggestion. “Go to Max’s on Third Avenue. Max will surely have something more fitting for you to wear.” So does Max have something that’ll fit Ernie’s big butt?
  • Grandpa’s Silk Road • Kevin is bored with history. Why does he have to learn about the Silk Road? Grandpa Scott’s eyes open wide. He knows all about the Silk Road. He knows why silk is so special. And he takes Kevin on an adventure into the past.

Art in DBTN 291

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 291 is by Rolando Mérida and Shigeru.

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Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 290

DBTN 290 Review Pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 290, released May 16, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during May 2020.

Stories in DBTN 290 are:

  • Naive No More • Ross is perplexed why the other bartenders seem to know what the customers are talking about. His boss tells him that he can listen in on any conversation in the bar using his earbuds. So when Ross’s biology professor, Dr. Hern shows up with his colleagues, Ross hears his professor describe him. “Ross is cute and has these buns that are perfect melons. I’d love to get my hands on them and squeeze them, but he’s too naive.”
  • Ultimate Yoga • Dad uses his stay at home time to learn new things. He gets in touch with a yoga instructor who does in-home classes, and discovers that his son, Forest, wants to learn yoga too. Between classes, Forest shows his dad how flexible he is. How flexible is Forest? Read DBTN 290 to find out.
  • You Can Piddle in the Woods • Royce discovers the secret bunker his classmates have talked about. The secret bunker in the woods where groups of hot men gather. When the bouncer tells Royce, “You can piddle in the woods, son,” Royce yells back, “I’ll piddle right here!”
  • Starfleet Captain PB • Brandon uses his own, hard-earned money to fly to Las Vegas to attend a Trekkie convention. Coach Thickrod and his classmates call him PB – power butt, because if you wedge your cock in Brandon’s butt, you can’t get it out until you release your load. As soon as Brandon checks in at the hotel, he encounters a Klingon who he wants to wedge in his power butt.
  • Sowing Wild Oats • Birch has a frank talk with his dad. Birch asks, “Think I’ll ever fall in love, Dad?” Dad smiles. “Of course you will, but you’re much to young to worry about love. Now is the time you should be sowing your oats.” And Dad hands Birch an old diary describing in detail, all the wild oats he sowed when he was young.

Art in DBTN 290

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 290 is by Shigeru, Michael Mitchell, and Narov.

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Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 289

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 289 review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 289, released May 9, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during May 2020.

Stories in DBTN 289 are:

  • Morning Wood • Jeremy and his dad have a great time when Doctor Nutnip pays a home visit and explains to them the health aspects of waking up with a hard woody. “You should be glad, Jeremy. Morning wood is a sign of a healthy heart,” Dr. Nutnip tells Jeremy.
  • The Wood Doctor • There’s a good reason why Doctor Nutnip is known by many as the Wood Doctor. Read DBTN 289 to find out why. You won’t believe the lesson he gives Lance, a nudist dad with three sons. You’ll want the Wood Doctor to pay you a home visit after reading this story.
  • Graffiti • Bob, Rufus’s neighbor is pissed. Some kid painted graffiti all over his garage door. Rufus gets to help Bob teach the someone a lesson when they catch the perpetrator, Bob’s nephew. Bob makes his nephew paint the garage door. But when Rufus tells Bob that the nephew keeps staring at his basket, Bob says, “The thing is, I don’t know if it would fit in his mouth.” Rufus is sure it’ll fit.
  • The Letter • Dad finds a love letter his son is writing, to another classmate, Dirk. Dad isn’t sure his son should be sending another guy such an intimate letter.
  • Patch a Hole or Two • Jefferson ignores the guys who look at his hot body when he is out filling pothole with the crew. But, something about the look he gets from a dad and son watching him sweating in the hot sun, makes him look back.

Artists in DBTN 289

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 289 is by Shigeru, Master Bates, and Narov.

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