Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 289


Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 289, released May 9, 2020. Five heart pounding stories with art by Shigeru, Master Bates, and Narov.


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Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 289, released May 9 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during May 2020. Stories in this issue are:

  • Morning Wood • Jeremy and his dad have a great time when Doctor Nutnip pays a home visit and explains to them the health aspects of waking up with a hard woody. “You should be glad, Jeremy. Morning wood is a sign of a healthy heart,” Dr. Nutnip tells Jeremy.
  • The Wood Doctor • There’s a good reason why Doctor Nutnip is known by many as the Wood Doctor. Read DBTN 289 to find out why. You won’t believe the lesson he gives Lance, a nudist dad with three sons.
  • Graffiti • Bob, Rufus’s neighbor is pissed. Some kid painted graffiti all over his garage door. Rufus gets to help Bob teach the someone a lesson when they catch the perpetrator, Bob’s nephew. Bob makes his nephew paint the garage door. But when Rufus tells Bob that the nephew keeps staring at his basket, Bob says, “The thing is, I don’t know if it would fit in his mouth.” Rufus is sure it’ll fit.
  • The Letter • Dad finds a love letter his son is writing, to another classmate, Dirk. Dad isn’t sure his son should be sending another guy such an intimate letter.
  • Patch a Hole or Two • Jefferson ignores the guys who look at his hot body when he is out filling pothole with the crew. But, something about the look he gets from a dad and son watching him sweating in the hot sun, makes him look back.


Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 289 is by Shigeru, Master Bates, and Narov.

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