Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 444

DBTN 444 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 444, released April 29, 2023. Subscriptions purchased in April 2023 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Dad Bait • When Idris lands a lifeguard job at Big Kumkok Lake Camp, senior lifeguard, Chase, gives him a pair of Bold Comfort briefs. “They’re great dad bait,” Chase explains. “They lift your nuts away from your thighs, and keep your dick suspended too. They make a bold statement.” In other words, all the hot dads who come to the beach will want to be your friend. But Idris isn’t counting on luring in his own dad.
  • Dad, You Love It up the Butt • While attending a conference in Lisbon, Bob goes wild. A fellow conference attendee introduces Bob to his son, Simão. “He’s lived here five years. He knows all the spots to go,” the handsome man says. After a wild night on the town, Bob wakes up in a strange hotel bedroom, with naked Simão at his side. But Bob has a plane to catch. He rushes home. Thankfully no one at home knows what he did in Lisbon. However, somehow, his son knows what he did.
  • Sharing My Wisdom • When Fighter fighter Gunnar can’t keep up with the young fire fighters, his boss sends him out to give fire safety presentations. “It’s time to put the wisdom you’ve developed over the decades of firefighting to good use,” his boss says. At first Gunnar is apprehensive. But he quickly learns to enjoy giving presentations. Especially in high school assemblies, where lots of teenage boys get noticeable tents in their jeans talking with him.
  • What Happiness Is • Hitchhiking in Wyoming, Mitch learns the meaning of happiness from trucker Dale.
  • Auditioning for Their Dads • Riverside boys, Cody and Devin, never meet until they leave town and go to college. They run into each other as dorm mates. And since they are both from Riverside, they introduce their dads to each other. However, neither boy can begin to fathom what good friends their two dads become.

Artists in DBTN 444

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 444 is by Narov, dv dickie, and Shigeru.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 443

DBTN 443 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 443, released April 22, 2023. Subscriptions purchased in April 2023 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Potent Loads • Coach Bruce doesn’t mind the fathers who come watch their sons practice. They might think they know how to coach better than him. But he puts up with their antics because he knows they have potent cum loads they love sharing with him.
  • My First Cock • Darren escapes to his bedroom when his parents have a row with his sister. They are pissed she is dating an Army soldier instead of a nice, high school boy. But the soldier sneaks into the sister’s bedroom that night. And later, Darren gets to savor his first man cock.
  • My Second to Nth Cock • Is your second cock just as good as your first cock? Darren is about to find out. He sucked the Army soldier’s cock so well, the soldier wants Darren to meet his soldier buddies.
  • Son, I Guess I Get to Teach You • Aaron is surprised when Dad tells him not to sit with his legs spread so wide. Dad says, “With your legs spread so everyone can see your business. You’re attracting attention.” He is? Aaron looks around. There are men looking at him. But why?
  • Good Thing We Got a Fuck Chair • Dad hopes that his son, Kostas, will move out soon. But life is too good at home for Kostas. Why would he move? Especially when Dad helps him get an office chair for his bedroom “office” that reclines all the way and is fantastic to jack off in. And Dad knows it’s a great chair to fuck in too. He has one just like it at his work.

Artists in DBTN 443

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 443 is by Shigeru and Narov.

Potent Loads is Coming April 22

Franklin and Coach Bruce in Potent Loads

Potent Loads is coming April 22 in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 443

Coach Bruce enjoys training the high school boys. A young man, fresh out of college, Coach Bruce could easily be their older brother.

Some coaches don’t like it when fathers show up to watch their sons practice on Saturdays. But Coach Bruce doesn’t mind. Even when every father thinks he is a better coach than him. And some yell out what he is doing wrong.

Coach Bruce has a blast getting his feet wet, learning how to coach the boys. He also has a blast eyeing the fathers who come to watch. Which one of those fathers has the best cock? The most potent load? Nothing gets Bruce’s balls churning like downing a load of cum packed with potent sperm.

Surely at least one of those fathers will be generous enough to let Coach Bruce sample his genes. But which father should he pursue?

He gets his hopes up when he hears Owen mention to the other lads in the locker room, that his dad, Franklin, walks around the house in just his briefs. Well, if a man does that, he doesn’t mind showing off his equipment, does he? And if a man enjoys other men looking at his package, what else will he let other men do?

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Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 442

DBTN 442 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 442, released April 15, 2023. Subscriptions purchased in April 2023 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • It’s Simple, Son, They Love Each Other • When Aksel asks Dad “Why did those two guys kiss like that?” Dad answers, “It’s simple, son, they love each other.” But then Aksel wants to know, “Dad? Have you ever kissed another man like that?”
  • Every Full Moon • Samuel seeks peace and quiet at Grandpa Bernard’s place. But he discovers evidence that Grandpa has a girlfriend. However, she never shows up. Until Samuel arrives at Grandpa Bernard’s place on a full moon night.
  • Are You the Man You Think You Are? • Uncle Cengiz tells his nephew, Ferhad, “You’re showing it off to the wrong man, Ferhad.” Once Cengiz knows that Ferhad is trying to get his father to notice how big his basket is. But his father is clueless. So Uncle Cengiz needs to teach his nephew that there are men who appreciate a nice package on a growing lad.
  • Engr I Lofti • The islanders on Engr I Lofti escape to their highland refuge when naked marauders arrive. But young Djarfrengur is intrigued by these naked marauders. Do they really mean harm?
  • Is Bob There? • While demolishing a park restroom, Tom discovers a secret about his father.

Artists in DBTN 442

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 442 is by Michael Mitchell and dv dickie.

Mutual Feelings in Madakou Volume 1

Son Victor and dad Jack beat off thinking about each other.

Mutual Feelings is one of the many comics in Madakou Volume 1, the first collection of Madakou’s comics from the 2021 issues of Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletters.

Victor Thorn can’t stop thinking about his dad’s cock. He jacks off thinking about it every day.

Jack Thorn gets hard eyeing his son’s tight butt.

At the same time, Jack Thorn gets raging boners when he sees his son prancing around in nothing but his briefs. His dick even drools thinking what it would be like to shove his face between his son’s muscular thighs. Or what his fingertip would feel if he ever touched his son’s soft, pink hole.

So do Victor and Jack have any idea they share mutual feelings for each other? Do they have a clue they jack off thinking about each other, often at the same time in their own bedrooms? Read Mutual Feelings in Madakou Vol 1 to find out.

Also enjoy the other comics in Madakou Vol 1, Training ’Lil Chen, Zahar Becomes a Man, Cleaning David, Daddy Sitting, Discovering My Son, Slutty Demon King, and Holiday Wet Dreams. And purchasing this book is a great way you can support Madakou.

You can also read Mutual Feelings in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 250.